Cotten Keller - REGGIE MANTLE by staycutemyfriend
Cotten Keller - REGGIE MANTLEby my name is emma 💀
This was once a quiet little town, until the madness unfolded, leaving Cotten and her friends to go through a hell of a time. Riverdale the town with prep and who could...
  • lilireinheart
  • rosie
  • colesprouse
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Blackmailed by queen3forever
Blackmailedby queen3forever
21 year old Rosie was having a good life finished with college.She was living a good life with the best 7 friends who always supported each other.Her Life was changed wh...
  • blackmail
  • maxwell
  • rosie
√ Loving the CEO by Suzidebeer
√ Loving the CEOby Suzi
UNUSUAL LOVE SERIES BOOK TWO ______________ Ever loved somebody so bad that it hurt? ______________ A few years had passed since ninetee...
  • pain
  • love
  • betrayal
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Crimson Rose by _kellygalea
Crimson Roseby Kelly Galea
Her mother is an alcoholic, her job sucks, her world is complicated, but that doesn't deter Rosalie Jean from her dreams of living a normal life. Unfortunately, she's a...
  • romance
  • love
  • mythical
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Attraction|| Harry Potter|| #Wattys2018 by Mrs-Harry-Potter
Attraction|| Harry Potter|| Mrs-Harry-Potter
In Rosie's third year, her father, Remus Lupin, was discovered for his condition: Lycanthropy. He was a beloved Hogwarts professor, one that all the students loved. That...
  • rosielupin
  • hermionegranger
  • year4
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Forever (changes Sequel) by asia_telfer
Forever (changes Sequel)by Riverxvixen
They'd been through so much together . It's now 5 years later they've graduated from riverdale high and everyone's still the best of friends but Betty and sweetpea are f...
  • josie
  • varchie
  • falice
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S.O.S-Mamma Mia by Daddy___Johnson
S.O.S-Mamma Miaby Johnson's wife
"Where are those happy days, they seem so hard to find I tried to reach for you, but you have closed your mind Whatever happened to our love I wish I understood It...
  • sam
  • donna
  • jackjohnson
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No Rules ║ Feel Free by OoRosieoO
No Rules ║ Feel Freeby OoRosieoO
Ils sont fous de musique. Fous d'aventures. Et fous d'elle. ║ Louis et Harry partagent la même passion, les mêmes désirs, et visent la même direction. Il y a cependant...
  • roman
  • hs
  • lt
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Egoistical, Conceited Jerk | Jensoo by Chaennieisreal
Egoistical, Conceited Jerk | Jensooby Sham
Meet Jennie Kim- An egoistical, conceited jerk. Except that's what Jisoo thinks of her, anyway. Jisoo thought that school would be easy; peaceful. Until a person by the...
  • kimjennie
  • parkchaeyoung
  • chaeyoungie
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Mamma Mia: Sophie's Next Step by jadams152
Mamma Mia: Sophie's Next Stepby jadams152
Donna and the gang are back! This time, hopefully, Sophie will get the wedding she's always wished for.
  • rosie
  • donna
  • tanya
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Undeserving love by laurebee
Undeserving loveby laurebee
Please be aware: Mature audiences only due to sexual references and strong language and mature themes, including abuse and drug and alcohol use. Rosie had dreams of goin...
  • stronglanguage
  • drugaddiction
  • maturethemes
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Love Island 2018 by NewWriterXO
Love Island 2018by NewWriterXO
Based on the ITV2 series of Love Island 2018
  • niall
  • adam
  • couple
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Riverdale Instagram by Choni_lover
Riverdale Instagramby Choni_lover
Just some Instagram stuff
  • varchie
  • rosie
  • bughead
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At First Sight by pringlesandsprinkles
At First Sightby pringlesandsprinkles
Gabbie x Rosanna ship story. ik this is a weird ship,but i'm into it. don't judge.
  • gabbiehanna
  • nerdynummies
  • youtube
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Picture Perfect  by Maddie101Grace
Picture Perfect by Sarcasm Princess
Hunter Kade had the life no one ever wanted. Her parents were alcoholics and abusive. She had a little sister named Rosie who was twelve. Her parents abused Hunter. They...
  • hunter
  • wattys2018
  • abuse
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Chasing in Darkness - #WSAwards2018 by BitteranangWriter
Chasing in Darkness - #WSAwards2018by pending queen rosie
For the darkness is all I see, then you came to light up my world. Hesistations then covered me, until you come, for my heart to hold. Nabuhay si Cid sa buhay na walang...
  • lovestory
  • rosie
  • writer
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Grey Roses by Jiminielovesus
Grey Rosesby Jiminielovesus
  • maria
  • connor
  • ốc
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Unrequited, but Not Much Longer - A Johnlock Story by Rini2012
Unrequited, but Not Much Becs Marlowe
WARNING: If you are uncomfortable with murder, sex, gay couples, homophobia, cursing, experiments with chemicals/body parts/other people, or therapy sessions, do not rea...
  • rosie
  • confessions
  • parentlock
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Fake daughter  by Havemyjamsjimin
Fake daughter by Yung filly aye mang
  • hoseok
  • yoongi
  • murder
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Love Island 2018 by MieczyslawStilinski-
Love Island 2018by 'A'-JasonDiLaurentis
Freya Del Castillo has been single for 5 months and after all her flings and party nights she wants to settle down with someone, what's better than the well-known show L...
  • rosie
  • danidyers
  • kendal
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