Cotten Keller - REGGIE MANTLE by staycutemyfriend
Cotten Keller - REGGIE MANTLEby 𝓫𝓾𝓫𝓫𝓵𝓮𝓰𝓾𝓶 x
This was once a quiet little town, until the madness unfolded, leaving Cotten and her friends to go through a hell of a time. Riverdale the town with prep and who could...
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SHE's THE BOSS|[A ROSEKOOK FANFICTION|]-Sequel by Rosie_Kookie97
"You want me to go back?" "Yes. Ms. Park" "Then beg for it." "That would be the ridiculous thing I will ever made in my entire life Ms...
  • fanfiction
  • army
  • jungkook
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Leave a Trace: Book Three by paperandpen444
Leave a Trace: Book Threeby ~Samantha~
Rosabelle and Alexander Caulton have eight kids, two nephews, and three nieces. With so many children running around, their hands are full and life is bound to be crazy...
  • eight
  • rosabelle
  • family
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The Charm of Bad Boys by ThatReeader
The Charm of Bad Boysby aria may
❝Come on, Rosie. Your life changed the moment you met us. There's no going back.❞ Rosie Franklin - a perfect student that has just about managed to trudge throug...
  • jeremy
  • badboy
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Perfect Strangers | The Walking Dead Louisintine (louis x clementine) by KyndallSmithBlog2018
Perfect Strangers | The Walking Kyndall Smith
What if Lee comes back and still chopped his arm but he never get infected? What if Lee go in Ericson School? (eeeeehhhh I dont know whats the spelling) What if Lee meet...
  • war
  • rosie
  • lovetriangle
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TWDG Clementine x Violet by II_Codyz_II
TWDG Clementine x Violetby II_Codyz_II
Title says it all. I'm a massive fan of this ship, and I see great potential in this ship even if Minerva comes back, It'll add drama and that makes things interesting...
  • mentions-of-lee
  • brody
  • tenn
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Forever (changes Sequel) by asia_telfer
Forever (changes Sequel)by Riverxvixen
They'd been through so much together . It's now 5 years later they've graduated from riverdale high and everyone's still the best of friends but Betty and sweetpea are f...
  • rosie
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Bendy x reader by LoveQueenMiri1705123
Bendy x readerby Miracle Nicole Wilson
You was only 5 years old when your Uncle Joey decided that he was closing up the studio and you used to tell him that you used to see a demon-like character but like alw...
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  • bendyandtheinkmachine
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69 Days | Chaelisa by ineedOxyJen
69 Days | Chaelisaby youraveragetrashcan
Hmm... How about this- we'll play a game." Lisa says mindlessly, keeping an innocent smile on her face. It makes the Kiwi drop her guard for a moment. "Yeah...
  • yg
  • twice
  • ikon
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Mellifluous / Rosékook by blacksboyx
Mellifluous / Rosékookby Selenophile
''Yıllar önce hayatımı kurtardığın için teşekkürler Jungkook.''
  • hayrankurgu
  • joy
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Riverdale Instagram (mostly choni) by Choni_lover
Riverdale Instagram (mostly choni)by Choni_lover
Just some Instagram stuff
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Attraction|| Harry Potter by Mrs-Harry-Potter
Attraction|| Harry Potterby Mrs-Harry-Potter
In Rosie's third year, her father, Remus Lupin, was discovered for his condition: Lycanthropy. He was a beloved Hogwarts professor, one that all the students loved. That...
  • siriusblack
  • harrypotter
  • year1
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What Are We Now? (Gabentine) (Sequel To What Are We) by clementinemarsh127
What Are We Now? (Gabentine) ( clementinemarsh127
Clementine and Gabe are on the search for AJ, Clementine's little boy that she took care of until The New Frontier separated them. Ever since, Clem vowed to get him back...
  • romance
  • rosie
  • marlon
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ANGELS OF DEATH. (twdg season 4 imagines) by Astro-Zombiies
ANGELS OF DEATH. (twdg season 4 ❛ gabrielle ! ❜
Imagines for the fourth and final season of TellTale's: The Walking Dead. Feel free to leave a request.
  • willy
  • clementine
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The Other Half by StevenUniverse_Lapis
The Other Halfby _Robin's_my_bae
We all know that Rose gave up half of herself to make Steven. But what about her other half? This is a Steven Universe fan fiction where Steven has a sister but doesn't...
  • stevenuisawesome
  • rosequartz
  • pearl
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Fake daughter  by Havemyjamsjimin
Fake daughter by Yung filly aye mang
My name shall remain a secret until I have done what I need to do. Only then will I tell you, and by then you'll realise you know me too well. You all know who I am, but...
  • tae
  • possessive
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Be my superhero? by YourMyPenguinLern
Be my superhero?by YourMyPenguinLern
She's all alone, nothing to live for. Standing on top of that cliff made her realise something. I need a superhero. Can a younger carefree blonde save her from herself?
  • wattys2017
  • rosie
  • lgbt
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Louis and Clementine. by lolokayxd
Louis and lolokayxd
A fanfic. Very vague, I know.
  • twdtfs
  • tennessee
  • clementine
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SMUTS; Chaelisa  by bLoOpEr202
SMUTS; Chaelisa by Chaelisa ♥️
  • lalisamanoban
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  • blackpink
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