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Cracked Lips  by Yuna_Tuna
Cracked Lips by Yuna_Tuna
|Cracked lips| |summary/preview| Olivia Coles was a seemingly normal 16 year old girl, but she hid a lot of her life away. This was not the only thing she hid from the...
  • brainwashed
  • cannibalism
  • killer
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Cuffs of String by CaperCookie
Cuffs of Stringby CaperCookie
Error should have checked for unwanted visitors (INK) before going to sew. Ink has a new project to work on. A project that has Error in the equation.
  • error
  • nosmut
  • slowburn
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The Gray Room by mmmmmal
The Gray Roomby mmmmmal
In which I destroy the very being of the skeleton formally known as Sans. .......Read at your own risk.
  • brainwashing
  • sans
  • forcefeeding
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Tradition Comes Third by masonfitzzy
Tradition Comes Thirdby Mason FitzGibbon
The third book to the Family Comes First trilogy Time has passed, and now Hunter is seventeen and preparing to graduate from high school. Jimmy is being released from...
  • escape
  • kidnapped
  • cannibals
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Psycho Senior (BxB) by lucas1996-
Psycho Senior (BxB)by Lucas1996
In southern California Luke grew up with no one caring about him. His mom was a housewife busy with friends all the time and his dad was always in New York City. Luke th...
  • romance
  • gay
  • abusive
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The Nerd And The Hot Bully [ Completed ] by Marie20Laliskookie
The Nerd And The Hot Bully [ Marie20Laliskookie
This story is about the girl that pretends to be a nerd named Lisa and a boy that is a hot bully named Jungkook and he sometimes tease Lisa and they didn't notice that...
  • lalisamanoban
  • bts
  • blackpinkfanfiction
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~/ control \~  (RIKKA X IRA) by WickedCloe
~/ control \~ (RIKKA X IRA)by WickedCloe
Rikka is getting more and more jealous of mana EXCLUDING her. Ira takes advantage of this... BUT he doesnt turn her into a jickochuu he takes this opportunity to turn he...
  • rikkaxira
  • whydidthishappentomylife
  • ira
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Pair of mischief by reginangoh
Pair of mischiefby reginangoh
One Tony Stark is bad enough, but now that he has a loyal partner in crime? The same partner in crime he would adopt as his daughter? Tony might be able to forgive every...
  • parenttonystark
  • loki
  • buckybarnes
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war by gwils1119
warby gwils1119
Kingston had been Kidnapped for over a year and Val and Richelle are doing everything they can to find him little do they know that not only has he been Kidnapped he has...
  • fiction
  • kidnapped
  • nochelle
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Lost in the Darkness by Kuro_and_Zane
Lost in the Darknessby Indomitable
A Ninjago Kailor story. Requested by @NealPotton In this book, Kai was kidnapped and brainwashed by an evil person from another dimension. Things start to get worse then...
  • ninjago
  • ninjagofanfiction
  • kailor
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The Winter Soldier (Female) by Kaitie_Potato
The Winter Soldier (Female)by Zyana
What would happen if someone saved Bucky, but at the cost of their own life? What if someone saved him from his destined fate, but replaced him instead? This is a story...
  • wintersoldier
  • torture
  • assassin
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Sins Of The Silent ||Bucky B.|| by EvilDragons1
Sins Of The Silent ||Bucky B.||by EvilDragons1
"578192. Agent 'Ravenblade'." "Awaiting orders." "Kill HYDRA agent: The Winter Soldier. Get your team together, brief them, don't comeback till...
  • thewintersolider
  • germanshepherd
  • weapon
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Dear Future Self,    by Althea2111
Dear Future Self, by Havyn Howell
Aris lives in a perfect world. She has perfect parents, a perfect house, perfect school marks, a perfect friend and a perfect boyfriend, Keenan. But when Aris finds a le...
  • truthandlies
  • love
  • runningoutoftags
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1-A's Infamous | BNHA Villain AU  by firejuuu
1-A's Infamous | BNHA Villain AU by 🔥Fire🔥
6 nice students. 6 class 1-A students. A few nights after moving into their new dorms, these 6 students decide to stay up a little later and chat about many things. Refu...
  • momo
  • ochako
  • deku
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Beyond The Barrier by ella05_17
Beyond The Barrierby ella05_17
Life in Godley City was the best way of life anyone could have. Life there was away from the cruel, intoxicated world beyond the city's barriers. We had protection from...
  • escape
  • secrets
  • different
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Hypnoslave Shortstorys by HypnoMasterFiryfly
Hypnoslave Shortstorysby HypnoMasterFiryfly
shortstorys about girls/women which got hypnotized into slaves to serve and please her master Dont forget to look at my script books
  • karate
  • hypnosis
  • slave
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TMNT: Brainwashed by fangirls_marvel
TMNT: Brainwashedby H & K
The four turtles, Karai, and April were captured by the Kraang and were brainwashed to forget. They meet again. Leo, Raph, and Karai being owners of a very popular and s...
  • apriloneil
  • leo
  • wattys2018
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Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued] by yaamyaamm
Becoming a Cannibal [discontinued]by 𝐋 𝐈 𝐙
Avery Davis was alone in the world. She was kicked out by her parents and forced to live on the streets with no money or shelter. She often had to do almost anything jus...
  • insane
  • cannibal
  • wanted
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Cruel Intentions by saviorselves
Cruel Intentionsby Emjae
A burden boyfriend, an abusive father and an illegal side interest, Max (the girl) has the most negative outlook on life. Seeing things more animalistic than human, she...
  • pain
  • insane
  • victim
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control (camp camp) by petparty146
control (camp camp)by Popper gold
he felt himself get dizzy and had to breath. he let himself breath only so he wouldn't pass out. his eyes burst open. it burned his lungs. he started to cough, he could...
  • max
  • brainwash
  • daniel
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