Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing) by kater1n
Living A Fake Life (Slowly Editing)by Katerin
I was forced into a marriage of my parent's choosing. Strapped down and saddled to a man who only cared about himself. I couldn't force myself out of the marriage becaus...
  • samantha
  • friends
  • romance
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Long lost Mikaelson (The Originals and TVD fanfiction) by Ffionjade
Long lost Mikaelson (The Ffion
What happens when Henrik's twin sister comes back from the dead. And what is her secret, and why is it so important to keep it a secret? I suck at descriptions... Any w...
  • mikeal
  • hybrid
  • witch
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Rejection Hurts by Babygurl82393
Rejection Hurtsby Barbara
Samantha's life fell apart the year her parents died. She had been a nerd her whole life, but no one had teased her because her dad was the packs Beta and her brother a...
  • mate
  • revenge
  • moonlight
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Billionaire Bride by destinyd457
Billionaire Brideby
"Do you remember telling me to get the hell out of your face?" She asked, hatred evident on her face He remained quiet "Now I'm telling you to get the fuc...
  • ex-wife
  • hurt
  • pain
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I'll Mend Your Broken Heart [Jacob Black] by infinitex3
I'll Mend Your Broken Heart [ infinitex3
Samantha was just a regular girl ,battling her own demons from her broken past. Until she's forced to leave everything behind to live with her estranged brother, Paul. S...
  • paul
  • fanfic
  • moon
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My Alpha Mate (On Hold) by wolf_lover29
My Alpha Mate (On Hold)by Bianca
Highest Ranks: #34 in Werewolf #4 in wolves #8 in emotions Run! I keep running, trying to escape the wolves that are running after me. Run! Keep running, don't sto...
  • wattys2017
  • beta
  • luna
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Arranged Marriage (Shawn Mendes) by cuddlingcorbyn
Arranged Marriage (Shawn Mendes)by Mrs. Besson❤
17 year old Samantha is an average teenage girl in her senior year. What will happen when her parents arrange her marriage at 17 and force her to marry a strange vine se...
  • samantha
  • marriage
  • shawn
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I LOVE YOU, LUPA MAN AKO BY: BLACKROSE Genre: Romance -------'--,--'---,-{@ TEASER: "Pinilit kong huwag kang mahalin! Kinontra ko ang damdamin ko para huwag akong m...
  • kevin
  • samantha
  • wattys2018
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that girl ♡ by danielllcv
that girl ♡by ♡ jEepErs nUtz ♡
daniel loved her, maggie loved him.
  • love
  • shawnmendes
  • zachherron
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Until Dawn | Josh x OC [COMPLETED] by maddie_kays
Until Dawn | Josh x OC [COMPLETED]by maddie <3
[ Highest Ranking: #1 in #UntilDawn ] [ Highest Ranking: #1 in #ButterflyEffect ] [ Highest Ranking: #1 in #JoshuaWashington ] | - | ❝ A tiny butterfly flapping its wing...
  • wendigo
  • jessica
  • horror
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Tutored By The Bad Boy by DemMagconGirls
Tutored By The Bad Boyby Dakota and Kat🌙
(COMPLETED) Samantha Gray never thought she would ever need a tutor. She was always a good student. Sure, she may get a couple C's from time to time, but overall she was...
  • nash
  • tutor
  • fanfiction
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🌙NOORUL HUDA🌙 by khaleesathaiydarr
🌙NOORUL HUDA🌙by khaleesat Haiydar
Let's find out what is all about🌸
  • haskewriters
  • abuturrab
  • islam
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Pyaar Prema Kadhal (High On Love) by Angelina_Ani
Pyaar Prema Kadhal (High On Love)by Angelina
Love is everything in life.... Love is when other persons' happiness is more important than yours... In this story, each and every person has their own kind of love for...
  • anirudhravichander
  • horror
  • thalapathy
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Meant For You (Broken Series #1) by SallyMary89
Meant For You (Broken Series #1)by SALAKO IYANU
"How could you? You used me," she says crying as she was hurt. "Did I ever matter to you? I thought you loved me." "I never did Ella," I re...
  • samantha
  • sweetdreamer33
  • heartbreak
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Yudhi [# A Love Story] by satwri
Yudhi [# A Love Story]by Satwri
Highest Rank : 30 "Nooo! You are not taking care of me. I am done with you. You won. You don't love me. Our bet is over. I am leaving tomorrow and will never bother...
  • mahesh
  • indian
  • prema
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Mr Arogant and Miss Simple  by Books-Icecream
Mr Arogant and Miss Simple by Muggle_born
Samantha Jones is a simple fun loving girl who belongs to a relegious family and believes in marriage not relationships. She moves to New York after completing her studi...
  • tragedy
  • edan
  • cocky
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Irish Man (Glee/Rory Flanagan fanfic) by StrongerThanIWas
Irish Man (Glee/Rory Flanagan Sherlock Holmes
Samantha Schuester is the daughter of Will Schuester. She goes to William McKinley and is in Glee Club. She is friends with everyone in the Glee Club. Her best friend be...
  • damien
  • samantha
  • man
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What If? A Stelena FanFic by ElenaGilbert
What If? A Stelena FanFicby Elena
What if? What if Stefan saved all Elena's family when the car went off the bridge? What if Katherine really died and Damon got over her? What if Elena had a gift that he...
  • jeremy
  • salvatore
  • tyler
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Royal Wolf : Top Rank School. (Completed) by Bubblyjaz15
Royal Wolf : Top Rank School. ( Jasmine Wright
Book 1 of the Royal Wolf Series 'Trust your instincts' Sapphire was always the easy going party animal. But that changed the night of a party when she trusted her insti...
  • chase
  • royals
  • wattys2018
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Codinome Beija-Flor (Limantha) by waylimantha
Codinome Beija-Flor (Limantha)by t
O amor pode ser despertado de diferentes formas, a maneira de pensar de Lica sobre o amor nunca foi muito convencional ou parecida com a de seu melhor amigo MB, porém a...
  • lgbt
  • mvad
  • malhação2017
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