What if? (7)

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“Please don’t tell my friends I was here.. I have a trip planned and its supposed to be a surprise.” I said. 

“I wont.” 

I smiled and ran downstairs to await Jack’s return..   

It has been five days since I called the man, Robby Nelson. 

I’m afraid Jack knows my secret, because he has made the weirdest comments. 

*Flashback. Last night*

We sat on the couch watching TV, Jack’s new hobby. He finds it fascinating for some odd reason. 

We were watching an action horror movie. Jack sat in the chair next to the couch and I sat on the couch next to Penny. (which she insisted I call her) 

A part on the movie became thrilling. A man in a house, but the poor girls didn’t see him. You could see his shadow but the girls were clueless. 

Music played and the man snuck out and scared one of the girls. 

“Now that is how to make an entrance. Be dramatic.” Jack murmured. 

“Well, I think its ridiculous that the girls didn’t notice! I mean, things came up missing! How did they not notice?” I said. 

“People can be very sneaky. I like the guy. He’s sneaky.” 

“The murderer?” 

“He is just misunderstood.” 

I scoffed at Jack. Idiot. 

“But seriously, that guy knows how to make an entrance. Why not enjoy it?” He said.

“So you’re saying,” I began. “That you prefer to frighten people?” 

“Basically. My presence will be known.” He flashed a smile. 

I looked back to the screen quickly. He sounded as if he knew, but maybe I’m just paranoid. 

*End of flashback*

The paranoia has gotten to me. I crawled into bed and closed my eyes. Jack was beside me already asleep.. I think. I’m too freaked to know. 

I drank my glass of water and sat in the dark kitchen. Something touched my neck, making me jump.

“Jack. Jeez!” I scowled. 

His hand pulled my hair away from my neck. Then.. He kissed my neck. 

“Jack!” I gasped. 

“What first attracted you to me Samantha? My looks? My voice? My strength?”   He purred against my neck. 

“Um, Jack. Are you okay?” I gulped and pulled away from him.

He grabbed my hands gently so that I was close to him. 

He was looking at me intently. My heart was racing and I wasn’t sure what to do. 

“You cant run from me Samantha.” He breathed. 

He looked different then normal. His hair was messier and his eyes were a bright gold and looking at my lips.

Then. He leaned in to kiss me-

My eyes flew open with a gasp. I looked wildly around the dark room and I wiped the sweat from my forehead. It was just a dream. 

I glanced at Jack, who was sleeping very peacefully. Too peacefully. He had a smile tugging at his lips as if he were having the same dream or knew about me having that dream. 

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