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Hey everyone! So in honor of She-ra Season 4 coming out, I decided to finally publish the last chapter for this book! Yes, this book is over and I haven't seen Season 4 yet (So no spoilers plz!) but I have so many ideas for other Catradora (and other fandom) books that I would love for them to be brought to life!!

I won't, in fact, be doing the Crimson Waste book I talked about because I just lost inspiration for it. You guys are free to use that idea as long as you give me proper credit (TAG ME!!) so you don't get copyrighted.

But I have a new book idea that involves double trouble hehe~

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Enjoy the chapter!


-Catra's POV:

"Mom? Is that you? Agh I'm sorry!"

"Catra, sweetie! It's okay! I didn't see you there though."

"I-I was just looking for Adora. Have you seen her?"

"Adora.... which one is that one?"

"Uhhh..... my girlfriend? Adora? The blonde who came here with me."

"Oooooh! Yeah I haven't seen her." She said, her voice going down an octave. She grabbed my shoulder and smiled, leading me away from the direction she had been in.

"But forget about her for now, you must be very tired! You should go to bed!"


"Don't worry, I'll have the guards looking for her. Besides, I think I saw her exploring the palace! Let her be free for a while." She opened the door to the guest bedroom and smiled at me.

I was a little skeptical but agreed.

Besides, I have nothing to worry about...


(Time skip to morning brought to you by Double Trouble because they are amazing💚)

-Adora's POV:

"Look, I know that you barely know me but if I can just get my sword back. We can get out of here. You all deserve better." I reasoned, I could tell the other feline-like male was getting tired of my rambling. But I just couldn't sleep last night, while everyone else slept soundly I just couldn't get it out of my head. These people find this normal. Have they even felt a bed?? Have they seen sunlight? The stars? There's so much that they are missing out on, it hurts. So as we ate little pieces of bread as breakfast, I kept pushing.

I truly believe I can help these people.

"Ugh! If I help you will you finally stop rambling?!" He finally snapped, glaring slightly in my direction.

I snapped my mouth shut and quickly nodded, my blue eyes going wide.

He sighed in defeat.

"Alright. What's the plan."

"Follow my lead." I said smirking, I lifted my chained hands and went to the edge of the machine I was pulling, the sharp edge was pointing up.

"WAIT-" The male screamed but I quickly threw my arms down with force, clashing with the sharp edge, causing the metal chains to break.

I smiled up at him innocently as he looked at me terrified. Then I got out of the way for him to do the same.

-Catra's Mom POV:

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