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Hey Adora by PinkRathian
Hey Adoraby PinkRathian
After saving Etheria from the villainous Lord Prime and restoring magic to the planet a new challenge rises to meet the best friend squad- love. Characters from Netflix'...
Leaving The Past by littleWolf95
Leaving The Pastby littleWolf95
RATED MATURE BECAUSE OF A SCENE OF ABUSE. After failing to bring Adora back (and facing the wrath of Shadow Weaver) Catra decides to do something she wanted to do a lon...
In the closet~A Catradora story~ by Wildcat_Catra
In the closet~A Catradora story~by Amity blight
Its Catras first year at brightmoon academy, after getting kicked out of fright zone high. It's the starting of her Junior year, and she has a huge secret. It's a secret...
This Is Not Because I Like You (Catradora stories) by KidWolff
This Is Not Because I Like You ( KidWolff
Just some cute and angsty stories about our two favorite girls Catra and Adora! [From the writer of "The Waterbender's Love and the Mechanic's Passion."] Enjoy...
You're not leaving me. Yandere Catra x reader by Hoodie420
You're not leaving me. Yandere Potato head Harvey
Catra x Fem reader (Y/n) is a old childhood friend of Catra and Adora and is forced back to the fright zone after running away years ago and Catra is forced to make sur...
Moonlight by Hitmelikethatsnare
Moonlightby Fear
"C'mon Kyle! I promise you it's fun." "We never danced in the fright zone... I wouldn't be any good." "You don't have to be good to have fun, ju...
Never let you go- catradora by crustyz_crabz
Never let you go- catradoraby crustyz_crabz
This is my own twist on the life between Catra and Adora. Oof I'm not good at summary's, I'll make one when I finish my book lol 😂
But She's So Pretty... ~ Catradora Highschool AU by Fruitypeeeebles
But She's So Pretty... ~ Fruitypeeeebles
Cover: Tiuco on Twitter Adora never wanted to move from her best friend in elementary school, but when she was told by her foster parents that they could no longer take...
Catradora {Oneshots} by GreenBooks62
Catradora {Oneshots}by Trash Can
Literally just Catradora oneshots Ok so I've been falling in love with this show and ship, and you KNOW what? It doesn't seem like She-ra would be a good show. It seems...
Catra: Prisoner of Earth (CatraxReader) by Darkstripe1
Catra: Prisoner of Earth ( -Nadia-
Catra, an agent of the Horde, has been brought to Horde Prime's ship from Etheria. After an escape attempt leaves her heavily injured and on an alien planet, Earth, she...
Shadow Weaver One-shots by Baby_Sparkle_Potato
Shadow Weaver One-shotsby ╰☆☆ 𝔰𝐇Δđ𝓶𝐞я𝐚𝕐 ☆☆╮
I've decided that my Wife deserves all the luvs. Hehe. This story is only for Shadow Weaver now.
- Imagination - She-Ra Reader Insert - by IJustWantAHug_
- Imagination - She-Ra Reader Savage Person
- NOT AN X READER - "Having a broken arm in the middle of a war must suck huh?" DISCLAIMER: I do not own she-ra or any of its characters Also: The cover was ma...
Hey Stranger//Catradora by tornpagesnscribbles
Hey Stranger//Catradoraby Mercy
"I can't believe you're making me do this Lonnie" SassyKitty: Heyy Adora ADORAble: Who is this? SassyKitty: Your future wife In which Catra is dared to do som...
A Life With You by MrFuzzyFace
A Life With Youby MrFuzzyFace
Catradora After defeating Horde Prime It might be tough transitioning from fighting as rebels to living normal lives. Credit for Cover goes to The Art_ofVago
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue Fanfic) by FierreAngel
A New Promise (She-Ra Epilogue xFierrehunterx
"After the war with Horde Prime ended, Adora, Catra, and the rest of the gang went back to their homes and started fixing everything that was broken from the huge f...
Catradora oneshots by Fantasy_fairies
Catradora oneshotsby Meka
Here is my book where I can finally write as much fluff and angst cuz there is so much for this ship ❤️ and y'all can't say shit!! Enjoy!! I do take requests :)
The Devil's Daughter by Lilly_Scarlet
The Devil's Daughterby Lilly_Scarlet
*Based at the end of season 3* Hordak finds out how Catra tried to send Entrapta to beast island. Catra gets sent to beast island where she comes across the lost kingdo...
Your Imperfections Are Beautiful. Entrapdak.  by theyaoishipment
Your Imperfections Are Star 💫 Light 🔆
From the moment Entrapta tells Hordak that his imperfections are beautiful. The feelings he has for her begins to grow. Hordak has no experience with love before therefo...
My Idol {Band AU - Reader X Catra} by WeirdVibezzz
My Idol {Band AU - Reader X Catra}by WeirdVibezzz
Please don't repost or copy my story! Please and thank you! Please let me know if someone did steal my story, if they did I will delete this story. Y/N is a big fan of C...
love and hate ; catradora by catrador
love and hate ; catradoraby — a.
She-Ra AU: Catra and Adora were friends since they were little, until a family decides to adopt Catra. So Adora never sees her again... Until the dorms. Translation of...