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I just wanna ask you guys to please check out my other story...

It's a Steven Universe book (Steven x Connie) in collaboration with Lauppp! It's "Because we care" on my profile!

I would really appreciate it.
I understand if you can't though.

(Edit: I originally wrote this here because my mom wanted to read this book and I didn't want her to find out about it but that's not really the case currently so I got rid of a few things. If you're still interested in reading it, you totally can!)

Anyway, enjoy the chapter!

-Glimmer's POV:

No response came from the room so I knocked again...

*knock knock*

"Adora???? Come on, let's go find Catra." I spoke up again...

I heard whispers come from her room before some footsteps walked closer to the door....

The door cracked open slightly...

"Heeeey! Glimmer! How's my best friend doing?" Adora said, nervously looking at me with her cheeks flushed red.

I raised an eyebrow skeptically...

"Catra's in there, isn't she?"

"Whaaat? Nooooo! W-Why would you think that?"

She laughed nervously.

"Adora..." I said in a warning tone.

She sighed...

"Fineee. You can have her- but bring her back later ok?" She said with a pout, revealing Catra standing with her arms crossed in the back of her room.

"....Were you two fuc-"

"N O!" Adora quickly screamed, cutting me off.

I shrugged and turned...

"Whatever. My mom needs both of you for breakfast. She wants to ask Catra a few questions and wants your presence too." I said nonchalantly, beginning to walk toward the dining room and leaving them both to be gay.

I opened the dining room door and I sighed in annoyance as I spotted Perfuma talking with Bow.

I sat in a seat and tensed as she sent a wink in his direction after saying something.

He laughed, oblivious of her true intentions.

I looked away with a glare as a plate was put in front of me.

I dug into my food and I almost choked as I saw Perfuma start to feed Bow his food-

What does she think he is?!

A baby????


-Catra's POV:

"Guess we gotta go eat." Adora muttered, looking in my direction.

I huffed.

"Do we have to?"

"Well- Yes. The queen asked for us so we must- ....W-We must- ....Uhm what was I saying again."

She started stuttering once I wrapped my arms around her waist and started kissing her neck.

"C-Catra." She whispered slightly, pushing my face away.

My ears got droopy as I looked at her confused.

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