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-Adora's POV:

It felt as if the world slowed down when my foot stepped on nothing.

All I could hear was the intense beating of my heart as I lost my balance and felt myself falling.

And falling.

I think I was screaming but I couldn't hear anything except distance screams.

And I don't know if they were my screams or Catra's.




I stopped.

I looked up, breathing heavily to see Catra holding my hand as I hung facing forward to my certain doom.

She was screaming something but I couldn't hear anything except my heart and a sudden ringing in my ears.

What is happening?

What is this?

Is this fear?

Is this anxiety?

I don't want to leave yet.

I don't want to leave her.

Catra started pulling me up, struggling a bit but eventually she managed to pull me up toward the cliff again.

I landed on my knees and Catra pulled me toward her with her hands on my waist.

Only then did I realize she had been crying.

Only then was when I could hear normally again...

"Ya idiot! You have to look at where you walk! Y-You scared me!" She spoke as her voice broke into a fit of sobs...

Her whole body shook and I my gaze saddened as I pulled her into a hug...

"I-I'm sorry...." I said gently, burying my head into her shoulder...

Doing this made me feel safe for some reason.


As long as we were like this, with my head on her shoulder and her arms around my waist, I wouldn't be in any danger any longer.

I wouldn't have to leave.

Her sobs seemed to calm down a little when my grip on her tightened.

Suddenly, a realization dawned upon me as I began to remember a distant memory-



We were falling on the side of Frosta's castle as I grabbed a pin I had in my hair and stuck it in the wall to make me stop falling.

I heard distant screaming and as if on instinct my hand landed in Catra's as she looked up at me with wide eyes and I looked down at her with sad eyes...

"Come on! W-We can make it back up!" I said, but she just shook her head and smirked.

"I don't need your help."

That's when her grip on my hand slipped and she fell under the clouds with only the sound of my screams to be heard.

That's when she emerged inside of a Horde ship.

(Flashback End)


This situation-

This whole thing-

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