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Hey Adora by PinkRathian
Hey Adoraby PinkRathian
After saving Etheria from the villainous Lord Prime and restoring magic to the planet a new challenge rises to meet the best friend squad- love. Characters from Netflix'...
After ~catradora  by emma_is_gay
After ~catradora by emma_is_gay
After the war, After Horde Prime, After they had all won. Everything was perfect. When Catra, Adora, Glimmer, and Bow go out to celebrate the peace, they get separated...
Leaving The Past by littleWolf95
Leaving The Pastby littleWolf95
RATED MATURE BECAUSE OF A SCENE OF ABUSE. After failing to bring Adora back (and facing the wrath of Shadow Weaver) Catra decides to do something she wanted to do a lon...
Come back to me... -Catradora [COMPLETED] by GoldenAla22
Come back to me... -Catradora [ I’m sleep deprived
Show: She-Ra Princess of Power Description: A new twist to the famous Season 1 episode 11. A new chance for the ship to be reborn... "I just want Adora back. му Ado...
Connection ~ (Highschool AU - Catradora) by YourFriendlyGayHere
Connection ~ (Highschool AU - YourFriendlyGayHere
[UPDATED DESCRIPTION] A new year of school rolls around for Catra and Adora, and they unexpectedly meet each other after years of a sudden departure. Leaving them both i...
For The Honor of Grayskull (A Catradora Fanfiction) by NiaS47
For The Honor of Grayskull (A Nia
[Set after season 5] Now that Catra and Adora are finally girlfriends, Adora can hardly envision that anything could come along to disrupt their happiness. However, mat...
Class 309 (Catradora highschool au) by JadeOfJade123
Class 309 (Catradora highschool au)by Catradora Canon
Never have I thought I would meet someone like you. Guess class 309 was the right one for me. The right one so I could meet you.
The Dark Side of Bright Moon (Catradora) by a_dumb_skater
The Dark Side of Bright Moon ( Potato Salad
Catradora high school AU. Really nothing else to say, except Catra isn't a damsel in distress 24/7. If you want a normal bad ass Catra and a loveable himbo Dork Adora, j...
Two Years and I'm Home by AubreyGemstone
Two Years and I'm Homeby AubreyGemstone
Coffee Shop AU Catra has been away from home for two years due to work. They have finally allowed her to come back home. Catra was not expected what she got when she ma...
"Right By My Side." by Hey_Adora_
"Right By My Side."by Catradora
After failing to defeat the Rebellion again, Hordak is fed up with Catra and nearly kills her. This finally pushes Catra over the edge to leave the Fright Zone for good...
I miss you~catradora by emma_is_gay
I miss you~catradoraby emma_is_gay
since leaving the horde, adora can not shake the feeling that something is missing from the rebellion. will she have to revisit the enemy to clear up what has been runni...
"Worthless" (Catradora HS Au) by emo_sad_and_gay
"Worthless" (Catradora HS Au)by Alex Dark
!Trgigger Warning! This au will have sensitive stuff, such as self-harm, suicidal behavior and abuse. Don't read if any of these triggers you. Cover art not mine. "...
catradora - falling in love by Aries_Bean
catradora - falling in loveby 𝖘 𝖏 𝖑 𝖔 ❄︎ .
"Adora you'll love it here". Adora sets out to living on her own She's trying to figure out life Until she meets someone special Slow Burner, Maybe ? Read to...
Catradora Volleyball AU by natalielarasalazar
Catradora Volleyball AUby 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞 <3
Yes bitches. I was thinking about Haikyu and Adora volleyball Fanart while writting this.
Let me be the reason you live (catradora ) by Harley_Jasons
Let me be the reason you live ( crackhead
{COMPLETE} Catra , a wronged teenage girl, who goes through beatings and being bullied by people , can't help but want to leave this world.when she finally goes to univ...
Modern AU but on fire (She-Ra) by AveragePerson33
Modern AU but on fire (She-Ra)by probably dead
ok so i have had this idea for awhile and this is my first story so prepare for misspelled words and not great grammar. oh also i am not good at spacing things out so i...
Catradora Ice Skating AU by natalielarasalazar
Catradora Ice Skating AUby 𝐍𝐚𝐭𝐚𝐥𝐢𝐞 <3
Yes. I was thinking about Yuri on Ice while writting this. Hi
Catnip Catra [SPOP AU]  by Furanshisu-kun
Catnip Catra [SPOP AU] by EDGEJRx
An au where they saved Catra so late and she began to act all weird like she was on Catnip. Aka high. Maybe it was too late now, the chip is stuck in her nerves permanen...
The Wedding by Korradora
The Weddingby Korradora
This is post season 5 and it's the engagement, wedding, and honeymoon of adora and Catra that we never saw (but hopefully will for a movie!). It's going to change point...
My College Roommate [COMPLETE] by PeaceandSteve
My College Roommate [COMPLETE]by achy
*Catradora College AU* Once you graduate high school, you're off to college. College. A place where you meet new people and go to parties every night. Not to mention, yo...