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....Grab tissues-

-Bow's POV:

I can't say I'm not weirded out that a Horde soldier who once tried to kill me is in the same room at me and looking at Adora all soft and stuff-

But Glimmer explained most of it-

She left some details out since apparently it 'wasn't her place to say' but all I know is that the Horde soldier, who I later learned is called Catra, is apparently good now....

Suddenly, I gasped slightly as I felt excitement fill my chest at a sudden thought that popped into my head....

A big smile filled my face...

I'm pretty sure my eyes are sparkling but I didn't care...

All I could think of was:

'What if she joins the Best Friend Squad?????'

-Adora's POV:

I punched the mind version of Catra as she scowled...

"Why you little-"

She hissed and pounced at me, making me let out a small scream as my back landed roughly on the floor.

The storm had only gotten worse as strong winds blew raindrops all over both of our faces.

I wasn't going to hold back this time.

Because I know that those eyes are not real.

They're just some sick illusion.

My mind is playing tricks with me.

I have to be strong.

For Catra.

The real one.

"Stop trying to fight! You'll lose! Don't you get it? I'm only speaking the truth!" She screamed at me, over the loud howling winds of the storm.

I clenched my fists and scowled up at her as her dark clawed hand came toward my cheek and sunk her claws into it, making me hiss and push her away with my feet, since my hands were trapped behind my back, with all the strength I could muster.

She sat back suddenly and I sat up, looking away as I punched her face...

I couldn't bear to look-

She might be fake but she still looks exactly like Catra.

Which only makes this hurt more....

She growled, making me look at her, as she scratched my already cut cheek, making the already open wound open up deeper enough to draw out blood....

'How am I even bleeding??? This is my mind????'

I shook off the thought as I leaned back, dodging another scratch she sent my way.

"Stay. Still!" She said in frustration, as I continued dodging her very sharp claws...

I barely stood up, my legs wobbly and unbalanced for some reason...

I felt weak.


But not emotionally.

-Glimmer's POV:



"She's unstable!" The guard operating the healing table spoke as I anxiously bit my nails...

Bow was whimpering and Catra seemed to be hyperventilating...

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