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Hi everyone! Long time no see...


-Catra's POV:

I was walking back to my room, smiling widely.

I just can't believe it! I'm finally reunited with my family! I don't think I've smiled this much since.... well since me and Adora started dating.

...Speaking of where is she?

I walked through the long, dark and weirdly humid hallways. The sun had set long ago and the guards standing near looked like dark outlines. Wind blew from the open windows, causing the curtains to rise with life. I shivered a little as I suddenly felt unsafe for some reason. My walking pace increased and my shoulders tensed a little as my eyes darted around the room.

'It's okay. Just get to the room! Adora's there, She's safe; You're safe. So stop worrying so much.' I reminded myself over and over trying to calm this bad feeling in my chest.

I let out a sigh when I finally arrived to the bedroom door, placing my clawed hand on the cold and gold handle and opening the door with a creak.

The room was also dark but what alarmed me the most was that it was empty. Completely empty.

"A-Adora?" I called out, stuttering a bit.

No response.

Where was she?!

-Adora's POV:

I held in a cough as I walked through the dusty, dark hallway. There was no light except a small dim one at the end of it and no sign of Catra's mom.

What business could a queen have in this sketchy place anyways??

I neared the light but stopped and pressed myself against the wall when I heard voices.

"What do you mean it isn't ready?!" A stern voice spoke.... Catra's mom spoke.

"I-I'm Sorry m-my Queen... but all of our workers are too weak to keep working! We barely have any food yet! I-If maybe you could give us more-"

"Ugh! Stop whining like idiots and do your jobs! Our perfect Utopia has to be even better now that the princess has returned."

"She's back?!"

"Yes. Now get to work!" She yelled, before I heard footsteps approaching my direction.

I panicked and crouched down trying to get out of her line of vision.

Her feline ears popped through the light tunnel, then her legs, before her whole body emerged.

She stopped.




"What are you doing down there, sweetie?" She spoke in a sweet tone, but I heard her earlier and am now aware that it's completely fake.

"O-Oh is this n-not the bathroom?! Pfff- silly meeee! Guess I got lost." I said, standing up straight and mustering up a smile to hide the panic that I was feeling inside.

"Oh really? I would've thought you were following me... haha! But if you got lost then that's totally okay." She said, her sweet tone wavering slightly as her eyes pierced my blue ones.

I gulped a bit and let out a nervous chuckle.

"You know, since you're down here then you must be wondering what's going on, hm?"

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