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She-ra and the Warrior of Light by Phant0mona1
She-ra and the Warrior of Lightby Connor Harris
Y/n, Adora, Catra, three best friends who see the truth of the Horde and leave, entering a whole new better way of life. I own none of this.
The Turquoise Eyes(Oc insert) by _illusion_arts_20
The Turquoise Eyes(Oc insert)by illu
The Magi cats from half moon,the rebellion from bright moon and the horde all against each after leaving the horde adora becomes a rouge and finds a small magi cat hybri...
The other girl by Liv123Liv
The other girlby Liv123Liv
"Claire is that you." "No it is a giant walking, talking tree." Disclaimer I do not own any of the characters except Claire. I also do not own the pl...
Shattered Scales(Adora X Oc X Catra)  by _illusion_arts_20
Shattered Scales(Adora X Oc X illu
(Adora/Shera X oc X yandere Catra) Velocity,a very shy timid girl was given the job to become the Tharis,sheras companion.After falling in love with Adora ,another pers...
adopting a demon (Shera oc/persona insert) by _illusion_arts_20
adopting a demon (Shera oc/ illu
Illusion a teenage demon has severe trust issues, After being abandoned by her parents at age two,she lived in the forest outskirts of bright moon stealing food,but when...
Come back to me... -Catradora [COMPLETED] by GoldenAla22
Come back to me... -Catradora [ just vibing
Show: She-Ra Princess of Power Description: A new twist to the famous Season 1 episode 11. A new chance for the ship to be reborn... "I just want Adora back. му Ado...
⭐︎ power ⭐︎ [Catra x Reader] by g0josleftnutsack
⭐︎ power ⭐︎ [Catra x Reader]by lena
[set in season 3 - 5] HDHFJSKSHDJF 20k READS!!!!! TYY <3 more updates coming soon!!! ~ You were the most powerful princess on Etheria until your parents decided to tr...
adopting a Demon oneshot book (requests Open) by _illusion_arts_20
adopting a Demon oneshot book ( illu
Requests are Feel free to send in requests for oneshots for Illusion open I will do fluff and angst but please no smut(please do not request smut for Illusion is undera...
At Arms Length|| Catra x Adora by SlippeyNapkin
At Arms Length|| Catra x Adoraby SlippeyNapkin
I miss you more than I would like to admit. I miss you and I don't want to feel that any more, I want to not think of you. I have new friends but there is still part of...
Her-Shadow Weaver/Light Spinner x (Fem) Reader by lukadov
Her-Shadow Weaver/Light Spinner luka dov
She-ra belongs to the respective owners! This story is based off the reboot version and I own nothing apart from how the story is written. All the other ships mentioned...
Champion of my heart (Oc X Oc) by _illusion_arts_20
Champion of my heart (Oc X Oc)by illu
aylia belongs to @sdelano20 The world of Pokémon Illusion is the champion of the Etheria region,her and her family decided to move to Alola for a vacation when she meets...
I love you, idiot. A Catradora story by auroraadora
I love you, idiot. A Catradora Aurora Thorne
A Catradora romance, based on the characters and plot of the show but with my spin. Slow-burning enemies to lovers kind of story.
She-ra Fanfic: Catra and Someone New (DISCONTINUED) by PenNameNAV
She-ra Fanfic: Catra and Someone *Author_Nyvah*
Raksha joined The Horde at age 10, 3 years after her older cousin, Raja, dies a tragic death after being in the horde herself since age 13 (Raja is 6 years older than Ra...
You promise ? I Promise[Catradora AU] (English Version) by Sharp_Claws
You promise ? I Promise[ Prudence
Each person at the age of twelve sees his soulmate's first name appearing on his right wrist and then at the age of sixteen the name of his enemy on his left. What about...
Magic of power by Silverfan1
Magic of powerby Wakfufan109
A crossover with Sonic, Kipo Age Of The Wonderbeasts, The new She-ra(Netflix og series), Owl house, Wakfu, and Steven Universe,(Future). Warning for younger viewers, the...
Study sessions (Catra X Adora) by _illusion_arts_20
Study sessions (Catra X Adora)by illu
(this has illusion in it btw, Olivia X Adora X Catra coming soon,Catra is still part cat and everyone has their powers) Catra and Adora used to be quite close,After both...
She-ra/The United Cubs: Highschool AU (DISCONTINUED) by PenNameNAV
She-ra/The United Cubs: *Author_Nyvah*
She-Ra: Princess of the Horde by AutumnJadeisAJ
She-Ra: Princess of the Hordeby Autumn Jade
After Princess Prom, during the Princess Alliance's attempt to rescue Glimmer and Bow, Shadow Weaver succeeds in wiping Adora's mind before Glimmer can escape and free h...
Starting Fires by babyyyblueeyesss
Starting Firesby Niko Armstrong
Adora is off to college with one goal in mind, to become a social worker and do her part to fix the errors in the foster system so no child has an experience like hers...
Random Catradora Stuff by Who798
Random Catradora Stuffby ~Ash~
I'm bored. It's late. I love Catradora. DISCLAIMER: I do not own She-Ra and the Princess of Power's characters, I just own this story thing.