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-Adora's POV:

Catra stayed silent for a while-

Just looking at me with her eyebrows furrowed....

She opened her mouth to say something but was quickly interrupted with Perfuma's distant screaming.

We both turned toward the frantic looking princess as she ran toward us with the biggest smile on her face and tears in her eyes.

"You guys will NEVER believe this!" She said, grabbing me by my shoulders in pure excitement.

I smiled in her direction, but heard Catra huff slightly.

"Entrapta is ALIVE!" She said, her voice breaking slightly as her smile widened.

My eyes widened slightly in recognition before Perfuma started rambling.

"Well- we kind of already knew she was alive since we found her new robot model that sent off signals and stuff but now it's actually been confirmed 100%!!! She texted me back and even sent a picture!!! Well- She only sent the picture and didn't answer my calls but- yeah! She's alive, Adora! ALIVE!!!" She shook me by my shoulders and I quickly stopped her, smiling in her direction after laughing slightly.

"You seem very excited."

She paused and I saw her cheeks go red before she shook her head.

"Of course I'm excited! A member of the rebellion is alive! We have to go to the Horde and get her right now!" Perfuma said excitedly, before looking away as if to hide her growing blush.

I snickered slightly, before Catra interrupted us.

"Wait- you thought Entrapta was dead??"

(Timeskip bc Asexuals are valid and deserve love💟)

-Entrapta's POV: (oh sh- it's a new POV)

I typed away on my computer, designing a new model for a robot the Horde has been asking for.

Yes, this model is perfect!

"Just a few finishing touches..." I muttered, smiling slightly.

I designed the last of it before laughing maniacally.

Now comes the fun part~

I put on my goggles and grabbed a blowtorch with a sickeningly sweet smile on my face.

Excitement filled my chest as I grabbed the materials needed and started melting them together to create the robot's body.

I felt my hair move but paid no attention to it as I continued building the outer layer of the robot so I could start putting the wires in and programming it.

Suddenly, a pink outline caught my attention as I suddenly looked at what my hair was holding, pushing my goggles up from my eyes so I could see better.

My eyes saddened as my hair brought the phone closer to my face, the picture that Perfuma sent me on the screen.

'I wonder if she misses me as much as I miss her.... We used to spend so much time together....'

The screen scrolled down to look at all of her new messages...

I stared at the screen a little longer, tempted to actually text back.... maybe even call!

I haven't heard her voice in such a long time-


Wait what am I saying???

They all left me!

I can't contact them while I'm here!

I shook my head, feeling my cheeks grow hot as I looked back down and gasped.

"nOOOOO!" I quickly turned off the blowtorch, looking at the now ruined robot in dismay.

I sighed and slumped in my chair, my heart aching for another reason apart from the ruined robot...

-Perfuma's POV:

We had managed to sneak inside the Horde.

Bow decided to stay back at the castle, and Glimmer was eager to get out of the castle.

Frosta, Spinerella and Nettossa had to stay outside so they could warn us if anything was happening out there.

We were running down the halls where Catra thought Entrapta would be...

We tried a few rooms but no luck...

All that was left was the engineering room.

"Glimmer and Mermista, you guys should stay outside to keep watch." She-ra (or Adora, she's still de-transformed I just don't like to call her by her other name during missions) told them.

They nodded as we readied ourselves...

My heart was thumping in anticipation...

I would finally get to see her again! I would finally get to see Entrapta! I would finally get to say-


....I would finally get to tell her how I feel...

Catra kicked open the door and we bolted inside.


Sorry this is so short but I've had writer's block for a while now! (That's why I haven't been updating.)

I really wanted to make a chapter for you guys though, so have this. 😂 Thanks so much for the support!!! I love you guys so much!



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