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-Adora's POV:

We dropped down from the vent and faced Shadow Weaver...

Her eyes squinted at us and before I knew it, she was on the floor with Catra holding her down...

After being tackled, Shadow Weaver screamed in rage before emitting a large pulse of dark magic, knocking both me and Catra down to the ground.

"IMBECILES!" She screamed, readying her hand with dark magic starting to form...

Catra jumped up toward her and scratched her before she could throw it at us.

"Quick! Grab the sword!" Catra screamed, snapping me out of my stunned state, as she continued scratching her.

I quickly ran, dodging a few dark magic pulses that she managed to throw my way before finally reaching the sword.

It was locked inside a glass box with no door.

So I did the most logical thing to do.

I punched the glass box open and grabbed my sword, ignoring the horrible stinging and pain in my knuckles.

"Come on!" I screamed, running back toward the vent.

Catra scratched Shadow Weaver's "face", cutting her mask in half, making her gasp.

She quickly bent down and covered her face before anyone could even see it.

Catra ran back toward me, boosting me up so I could climb back in the vent and I bent down toward her so I could pull her back into the vent with me.

"This way." Catra said as I made way for her to go past me so she could lead the way.

She started crawling and I followed close in tow, wincing slightly at my pained hand.

(🌈Time skip brought to you by Bi panics🌈)

-Catra's POV:

"Now if I remember correctly..... The exit must be riiiighttt here."

I stopped crawling and kicked the vent open, making the vent lid fall to the floor with a loud bang.

"Wow.... way to keep it subtle." I heard Adora mutter as I huffed and dropped down.

"As if you could do better." I retorted, before walking toward the exit door and putting the password in the panel next to it.


The door had started to open as I turned back toward Adora, who had just dropped down from the vent.

"Come on." I called for her and she nodded, running toward me as I waited for the door to finish opening.





I tensed and quickly grabbed Adora's hand, making her wince for some reason, before turning and running away from the soldier's reach.

We ran and ran and didn't stop running until we were finally out of Horde territory.

I have become an enemy to the Horde.

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