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Here's a long chapter.

-Catra's POV:

I sighed as I curled up on Adora's bed, missing her warmth.

No matter how hard I tried to sleep, I just couldn't. But I guess it's probably because it's the middle of the afternoon and the sun is in my eyes. I'm just waiting for Adora to-

"*gasp* She's here!" I whispered to myself as I sat up and the door to her room opened.

She-ra walked in with all her glory but I just jumped into my girlfriend's arms.

She giggled as she caught me, her beautiful blue eyes staring into mine.

"Catra, I only left for an hour. It was just a scout mission."

"It felt like years." I said, hugging her as her warmth filled my body.

Why did I miss her so much? It was only an hour...

Yet. I guess I just got so used to her being around and... I guess I'm just scared that they'll try to hurt her again.

She smiled down toward me as I broke the hug only enough so that I could look at her face.

I tried to lean up to kiss her but failed as I could barely reach her lips.

"Ughhh Adoraaa! Turn back to normal! You're too tall!" I whined with a pout as she giggled and did what she was told.

Once she was back to normal size I swiftly kissed her, catching her off guard a little before she kissed back with as much passion.

I pushed her on the wall and she broke the kiss with rosy cheeks and half-lidded eyes...

"Eager now, are we?" She smirked as I rolled my eyes.

"Shut up. I just missed you."

She smiled genuinely and ran her hand through my messy hair.

"I missed you too, kitty."

"Kitty?" I asked, confused.

"Well you are technically a cat-"

"AAAND I'm ending this conversation." I said, getting off her and walking toward the door.

"*giggling* Wait Catra- Don't leave-" She spoke up, raising her hands up toward me while trying to keep in her laughter.

I just exited her room before hearing her burst out laughing.

I walked around the halls before hearing a loud...


I snorted a little and smiled before continuing walking.

It's been 3 months since the defeat of Shadow Weaver. The Horde was forced to surrender but they still live in the Fright Zone. Queen Angela signed a treaty to bring peace between both forces.

As long as the Horde doesn't try to get more territory by attacking other provinces of Etheria, they could live in the Fright Zone for as long as they want.

The Horde cadets are training here in order for the Queen to make sure the Horde doesn't train them to use their skills against the princesses instead of with them. The Horde is now under Queen Angella's full authority since they no longer have any leaders to follow. Even my old force squad is here...

Speaking of... There's Lonnie.

"Oh hey, Catra! Have you by any chance seen Scorpia? She supposed to be the one who trains me or whatever that means." She smiled in my direction...

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