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This is a long chapter! Tbh idk how many of these I'll end up doing 😂

Enjoy & thanks for being so patient while I try and update! 💜

-She-ra's POV:

The soldiers with cat-like features slowly approached me, their spears pointing toward my face.

"Who are you?? Who do you work for??" The leader threatened, pointing the spear closer to my forehead.

"W-what?! I work for no one! Don't you recognize me?? I'm She-ra. Protector of Etheria??" I said, confused...

"Who the fuck is Shewa??? Shema??? She-ra??" A soldier commented...

"Language." Another replied...

"WHOM the fuck-"

"N O!"

"I come in peace! I promise!" I said, raising my hands and dropping the sword, causing me to de-transform back into Adora.

The leader's eyes seem to widen slightly in surprise but she regained composure, the tip of the spear now touching a little bit of my skin.

"Say goodbye, spy!" She said taking the spear out for momentum and then launching it in my direction.

I covered myself with my arms in fear.


And before I knew it I felt something on top of me. Catra had knocked me out of harms way.

Her blue and yellow eyes stared down at me, a smirk evident on her lips and her ears twitching slightly.

"Heh, Hello... do I know you~?" She said playfully, the tip of her tail twitching slightly before it wrapped around my hand.

"Hmm... I don't know... I'm pretty sure I would remember those beautiful eyes." I said back, winking up at her.

I saw her cheeks slowly turn a light shade of pink before she playfully scoffed and got off.

"Alright enough games! Who the heck are you guys???!? Where are all these people coming from?" The leader soldier practically screamed, pointing a threatening finger in our direction.

Catra stood up...

"I'm just trying to find my way back to my home. The place I was born in. We don't want to cause any harm. Do you know of any village around here?"

"Hmmm...." The leader soldier inspected us, narrowing her eyes before turning around and whispering something to the other guards.

Catra helped me stand up, intertwining her fingers with mine as we looked at each other, one eyebrow raised in question.

"Alright." The leader soldier finally spoke up, seemingly done consulting with her other soldiers.

"We'll take you there... but you have to answer every question we ask. The queen will definitely want to see this..."

"Yes! We'll answer everything." Catra replied, her eyes lighting up slightly.

The soldier huffed.

"Weird..." She mumbled, before walking up to us and quickly yanking our arms.



Before we knew it our hands were tied up with some sort of vine, with handcuff like knots...

One vine for me and another for Catra. She also took my sword from the floor, causing my eyes to go wide in alarm.

"H-Hey! Be careful with that!" I screamed, trying my best to keep myself from just grabbing the sword out of her hands and running out here.

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