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Catradora. New Life by Flaminghomo20
Catradora. New Lifeby Flaminghomo20
Adora is a foster kid being taken in by a new family. She has lost some friends previously because of them being adopted but there is a possibility of reconnection. For...
She Ra memes and stuff by MrGreySky
She Ra memes and stuffby Mr Grey Sky
The ships are mostly Catradora, and the other stuff are just memes that I need somewhere to put.
SHERA GROUPCHAT by meganthe_carrot
An au where some shera characters are in a gc. Thats it lmao. ps there will be swears in this 👉👈
She-Ra: One Truth (Catra x OC Story) by NyxDorian
She-Ra: One Truth (Catra x OC
Nova has never known who her birth parents were. if anything, she had no idea she had family at all. Growing up as a wolf-hybrid in the Horde, she and Catra created a st...
~Battle scars~ by greymakesfics
~Battle scars~by Grey
!!NOT MY ART!! Tw: This fan made story talks about body dysmorphia and self harm if you are triggered by either of those topics I do not recommend you read this
Useless Princess by somegaygamer
Useless Princessby
The war is over. Entrapta slowly starts falling for you. You are too oblivious to realize. Or maybe she is just good at hiding it. (Female reader)
Shera and the Evil Horde by Lyric432
Shera and the Evil Hordeby Lyric
Instead of joining the princesses of power, what if Adora stayed with Catra? What kind of life would they lead, and how would Etheria change? As Adora embraces the darke...
Rebel   by draconalfoysputa
Rebel by <3
(COMPLETED!) This story is filled with some crazy bull- CATRA x READER please keep in mind I wrote this when I was 14.... Yikes
Shattered Scales(Adora X Oc X Catra)Discounted???On hold???   by _illusion_arts_20
Shattered Scales(Adora X Oc X Simp 4 Muscular women
Discounted???On hold??? (Adora/Shera X oc X yandere Catra) Velocity,a very shy timid girl was given the job to become the Tharis,sheras companion.After falling in love...
SuperCorp One shots by uncommonshipper12
SuperCorp One shotsby uncommonshipper12
Hey y'all! You are here because you like supercorp and supergirl. So do I so that's why I am writing this. I have another one shot book that has lots of amazing lesbian...
Betrayal | Catra x Female Reader | SheRa Fanfic by Catremma
Betrayal | Catra x Female Reader | ❝𝖊𝖒𝖒𝖆❞
"I treat you like you're the... the- starter, when really, you're the meal!" "I'm a meal, am I?" Growing up in the Horde was tough. Hell, it was tort...
An Unlikely Match (Catradora AU) by Lethal_LadyD
An Unlikely Match (Catradora AU)by Lethal_LadyD
After 4 years at a NYC Art School, Adora has moved back home to Seattle to open a local shop with her mother and to repair the broken relationships she left behind. This...
The Dark Side of Bright Moon (Catradora) by a_dumb_skater
The Dark Side of Bright Moon ( Potato Salad
Catradora high school AU. Really nothing else to say, except Catra isn't a damsel in distress 24/7. If you want a normal bad ass Catra and a loveable himbo Dork Adora, j...
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Adore You | Catradora by ahskatano
Adore You | Catradoraby 𝐏𝐈𝐍𝐊
In order to get more media coverage for their famous rock band, Shadow Weaver bans romantic relationships between all the band members. Adora's fine with Glimmer lip si...
Catradora College Band AU by thatgaychemistrynerd
Catradora College Band AUby MoreCatradorafics
Catra and Adora are childhood best friends, they grew up in the orphanage together. They did everything together; eat, sleep, sing, they were joint at the hip. They alwa...
Simp | A Catradora au - Completed by tinyvenux
Simp | A Catradora au - Completedby Venux
Adora Gray is a 16-year-old female who has been obsessed with this one band called The Fright. Both of her friends Bow and Glimmer tease about it to her all the time. Ad...
Ultimate Catradora Collection by TheNinjaOfCake22
Ultimate Catradora Collectionby Captain Mai
A bunch for Catradora, full of memes, artwork, prompts, gif, videos, one shots, post, and much more. Entirely dedicated for Adora and Catra Part of the Ultimate Collecti...
The actors daughter  by heyyycatradora
The actors daughter by RENEW FIRST KILL.
Adora is the daughter of the two most famous actors in the world! Most ppl think her life is amazing But what if her life isn't as amazing as everyone says?
Miraculously from Ninjago | Stranded in Etheria by QueenieCalista
Miraculously from Ninjago | QC
The ninja end up in Paris after an akumatized victim summons them. Blue Dolphin (aka y/n), a hero alongside Ladybug and Chat Noir, used to live in Ninjago before she mys...
She ra memes and fan art  that's I love! by heyyycatradora
She ra memes and fan art that's RENEW FIRST KILL.
In this book I'm just gonna put some she ra memes and some fanart that I've found! And most of them idk who made it! But some should have the creators name on it