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-Glimmer's POV:

I jolted awake to the sound of screams...

I looked around my eyes wide in alarm, looking for the source...

And when my eyes landed on the bridge leading to the recharge station and Runestone I stood up with haste.

"MOM!" I screamed in fear as my tiny angel wings on my back started flapping like crazy.

I closed my eyes and focused my energy, quickly teleporting me up toward the Runestone...

As I stopped glowing I saw Adora punching and kicking soldiers off the bridge, trying to keep them from getting toward my mother, who was desperately trying to keep her connection with the stone...


"Glimmer! G-Get out of here! It's not safe!" She screamed in urgency...

Her hair was a mess and her eyes looked tired. Her forehead was covered in sweat and she looked weak.

The Runestone must be taking a lot of energy out of her.

"I'm not leaving without you!"

I quickly joined Adora's side and helped her fight off the soldiers with my father's staff.

"Adora! Your sword! Go get it! I've got it from here!" I said pointing down below toward Bow and the cat girl, who were fighting for it once again.

She nodded and quickly made her way past the soldiers, dodging past the attacks of the guards and kicking some more out of the bridge's edge until she was completely out of my line of view.

-Catra's POV:

"HA!" I said, as I smirked in victory.

The sword was now in my hands and Crop-Top boy was looking at me in anger...

He quickly reached for his bag of amo, which was now soggy from being in the water for so long.

He put it in his back while I quickly turned and ran in the direction of the Horde tanks.


"gAH!" I screamed as I barely dodged the many arrows Crop-Top boy shot my way.

I dodged and dodged until I looked behind and noticed how far away I was from him...

I had reached the edge of the lake and was now on dry land again...

I smiled wickedly and laughed turning to look back to the front, only to collide into something...

Or someone.

"Wha-" I said looking up from the ground, the sword now lying next to me...

"Give me the sword, horde soldier and you shall not be harmed."

"A-Adora?!" I said in disbelief...

I felt my ears go flat in my head as I remember what the blue lady showed me.

'That couldn't have been true.... right? She didn't erase Adora's memories of me..... right?!' I thought.

I bit my lip as my eyes made contact with her cold blue ones.

She was looking at me with so much anger.

So much hate.

'That's my job! She can't be mad at me! I'm mad at her!'

She growled...

"I said give me the sword!" She snapped...

My shoulders tensed and my eyebrows furrowed.

"No!" I snapped back, quickly grabbing the sword and getting up...

She scoffed.

"Idiot." I heard her mutter, as she quickly launched herself toward me with a scream...

We rolled on the ground until she was on top of me, pinning both my arm with the sword and my free one above my head...

She glared daggers down at me.

I couldn't help but feel my heart speed up, my cheeks burn...

She got her face close to mine and I felt my breath hitch a little....

"Give me the sword. Filthy. Horde. Soldier." She spat...

My face quickly turned into a frown as I glared back.

"N. O. NOOOOO!" I screamed, trying to ignore the aching in my heart and the hotness of my cheeks.

She quickly used her hand that was holding down my arm with my sword as a way to get my clawed hand open.

My grip around the sword tightened as her slim fingers tried to pry my hand open.

Quickly, she hit me in the stomach with her elbow, making me gasp and the grip on the sword loosen and before I knew it I heard her scream some words and there was a large glow...

"You lose horde soldier." She-ra spat, pointing the tip of her sword toward me.

'She's not even saying my name..... she really did forget me.'


After that, I don't know what happened.

But suddenly I was being hoisted up from the ground by a pair of red claws while I heard the other soldiers screaming: "RETREAT!!! THE PRINCESS IS BACK!"

And one thing led to another, I was on my way back to the Fright Zone...

My ears were droopy and my heart was heavy.


I don't care.

So what if she forgot me??

I-I wanted her out of my life....

My vision got blurry for some reason, and it's not after I felt a wet substance running down my cheeks that I realized I was crying.

'Stupid.' I thought as I angrily wiped away my tears.

I don't care.

I don't need anyone.


'I don't need anyone.............except Adora...'


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