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Ok so how about we pretend episodes 4-6 of Season 3 didn't happen and that everyone is happy.

Tbh Season 3 broke me-


-Catra's POV:

"C-Catra?! Is that.... really you?"


My voice cracked a little as I stared at her wide-eyed. Is this really happening right now?? All of these years wondering who my family was... being afraid that they gave me up on purpose... and now I'm here. Face to face with my potential mother.

She was the spitting image of me. Same eyes, same ears, even the same smile... her hair wasn't as messy as mine though, since it was tied in a tight bun.

'This feels.... weird....' I thought, swallowing the lump that had started to form in my throat.

Her eyes teared up before she quickly ran and wrapped me in a tight embrace.

I tensed up, looking around before leaning into her embrace. I still wasn't able to hug her due to my hands being tied up.

"It really IS you! Look how much you've grown."

"B-But how do you know if I'm really your daughter?"

She pulled away slightly and smiled, pointing at her eyes.

"The only people who have these type of eyes are royal blood. Your eyes are exactly the same as mine. I'd know if you were my daughter from a mile away."

My ears went droopy a little and my eyes started tearing up now, this feeling in my chest.... what is this?! I've only ever been this happy once before.... and that's when Adora and I decided to start dating...

"I-I'm Sorry I just.... c-can't believe I'm really here.... that it's really you!" I tried to speak but my voice started shaking...

'Dang it don't cry!'

Too late...

-Adora's POV:

I smiled fondly at the sight of Catra finally getting reunited with her mother.

It's what she deserves after so much pain and suffering, honestly.

Her mother met eyes with me and I suddenly began to tense up.

'Oh no.... she acknowledged my existence! ABORT! ABORT!' I panicked...

Why am I so nervous all of the sudden?!

Do I smell weird? I feel like I smell weird-

"And who's this?" She spoke up, breaking the hug and signaling in my direction.

Catra looked toward me and smiled sheepishly.

"This-" She started, grabbing my hand and pulling me toward her mother.

"Is my g-girlfriend... Adora."

I smiled nervously in her direction, my heart pounding in anticipation.

Do they accept same gender couples here? And if they do, is she one of those people?

Her mom's eyes seemed to widen dramatically... it looked like she had sparkles in her eyes.

"YOU HAVE A LOVER?! AND YOU DIDN'T T E L L ME?!" She screamed, practically running toward me and grabbing my face in both her hands.

"Mom we just met like 5 minutes ago-"

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