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-Adora's POV:

"Are you sure you want to do this? I'm not sure if the device will work over there." Entrapta warned...

I looked toward Catra and then nodded in her direction.

"We need to do this. For Catra's sake."

Entrapta nodded and pointed the device toward the right.

"You can't leave without meeee!" A voice spoke making me jump.

"Swift Wind?!"

"The one and only! You can't go to another planet without your trusty steed! We have a bond." He spoke, flapping out his wings, as if showing them off to the world in pride.

Entrapta Typed a few coordinates and before I knew it a portal opened, pulling us toward it.

"H-Here! So you can go back! I put the instructions on how to use it inside the machine. Press this button to close the portal once you're inside!" Entrapta gave it to Catra who nodded.

I intertwined Catra's hand in mine and lead her toward Swift Wind, who bent down a bit so we could climb on his back.

Once we were settled, Swift Wind took a running start and quickly jumped in the portal. Catra quickly pointed the machine toward where Entrapta was standing and pressed the button, closing the portal in Etheria. We were still inside the portal, some sort of weird purple tunnel had formed to let us through and the winds inside of it were strong, almost pushing us down instead of forward. Swift Wind tried his best to continue flying, I held onto him for dear life and I could feel Catra's grip tighten on my waist as she held onto me.

Suddenly an opening appeared into what we could see was a jungle-like planet. Swift Wind flew through it and Catra was sure to close the portal once more.

I let go of Swift Wind for a bit and took in the new surroundings. Beautiful blue skies with green clouds and strong winds. The jungle below was covered with different colored leaves. Some purple, others yellow and even blue. There was no castle or any life (except plants) for that matter to be seen though.

"Where to?" I heard Swift Wind ask, as he hovered on air awaiting my instructions.

"Hmm... No idea. Let's fly around a bit and see if we can spot any houses or something."

Swift Wind did as he was told and I continued looking to see if I could spot anything. But there was nothing but jungle for miles....

I heard Catra hum a little and I turned my attention toward her. Her eyebrows were furrowed and her eyes were downcast and pensive. I put my hand on top of hers, catching her attention.

"You nervous?" I asked, smiling softly in her direction and intertwining our fingers.

"Pfff- You kidding?! Of course not! Are you?" She answered, raising an eyebrow.

I laughed a bit.

"Why would I be nervous?"

"Well, you ARE meeting my parents for the first time after all... I'm guessing you wanna make a good impression on them since you love me sooooo much~" She replied, winking afterwards.

My cheeks burned a crimson red and my heart sped up a bit as I looked at her, my expression shocked while she looked playfully in my direction as her hair was being blown back by the strong winds.

"S-Shut up~" I replied, playfully hitting her shoulder.

"HEY! WATCH IT!" Swiftwind suddenly screamed, to which I turned around toward him.

"What's wron-"

Arrows suddenly started flying toward us, as Swift Wind dodged them. I looked at the vast jungle below us...

"Where are they coming from?!" I screamed, narrowing my eyes in order to get a better view.

More arrows emerged from the trees and they were all aiming toward SwiftWind.

"There!" Catra pointed to where the main source of the arrows were emerging from.

"AGHH!" Swift Wind screamed out in pain and I looked toward him worriedly.

"Swiftwind??? What's wrong?!"

"I've been hit! I-I'm sorry.... I c-couldn't even protect you...." He said sympathetically, as I found 3 arrows stuck on his right wing.

We were falling now...

And fast.

"FOR THE HONOR OF GRAYSKULL!" I yelled, transforming and quickly looking for a safe place to land. Swiftwind tried his hardest to flap his non-injured wing in order to keep us afloat.

He slowed the fall down a little and I quickly grabbed Catra's hand, piercing my sword in a nearby tree branch and hanging on for dear life.

Swiftwind landed on the ground with a thud.

"Is everyone okay? Catra? Swiftwind?" I asked, looking at both of them.

Catra nodded, using her free hand to claw her way up the tree branch and take me up with her.

"I'm alright.... It's just my wing...." Swiftwind replied, weakly.

"Don't worry! We'll come down now-" I stopped mid sentence when I heard rustling in the bushes.

I felt my shoulders tense up a bit as I looked intently toward the sound.

A group of what looked like to be soldiers emerged from them, with cat-like features just like Catra's.

I gasped a bit, looking over my shoulder toward her. She met my gaze with curious eyes as one of the soldiers started talking.

"Well look what we have here...." The soldier said with a smirk, walking toward where Swiftwind lay.

"Dinner." Said another, smiling and licking his lips.

"AH HECK NO! I AIN'T NO DINNER! I'm too fabulous for that." Swiftwind practically screamed, causing the soldiers to jump.

"HOLY SH- IT TALKS?!" A soldier screamed.


I gasped a bit, causing me to lose my balance as I got the attention of the soldiers.

"GAH- AHHHHH!" I fell on the floor and rubbed the back of my head, wincing slightly.

I opened my eyes to find bow and arrows drawn toward me as well as spears pouting straight at my head.

"Who goes there?!" The leader soldier's voice boomed above everything else.

"Well fuck-"


I'm sooooo sorry for not updating for so long! I hope this kinda makes up for it, this is the most I could write in such a short time. I hope you enjoyed it though and there are more bonus chapters to come!!


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