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This is my first Catradora fanfic. (From the show She-Ra Princess of Power 2018 version)

This fanfic takes place in the end of Season 1 episode 11...

[Disclaimer: This is Girl x Girl so if you don't like that plz leave :')]

I hope you enjoy!

(EDIT: For anyone wondering I'm editing this to take out the annoying dots in the first few chapters.)

-Adora's POV:

As I was hanging from a cliff holding on to a green spider web for dear life I heard the destruction of the machines that put me here in the first place...

We were in a old ruin and Catra had turned on the security protocol by mistake.

Now here I was, from being chased by a bunch of robot spiders to literally holding on for dear life...




"Catra?" I called out, my chest filling up with hope...

I'm saved!

She emerged from on top of the cliff her blue and yellow eyes looking down into my blue ones.

"Hey Adora~" She purred...

I smiled...

"Catra! Thank goodness! Could you help me up?"

But she stayed silent looking down at me.

"Catra?" I whispered...

I thought I had finally earned her trust again... or at least she earned mine.

She stayed quiet a little longer before she spoke up.

"Ah you know.... it all makes sense now. You've always been special. You were Shadow Weavers favorite. And I was just second best. Every hero needs a sidekick, right?" She said bitterly...

My eyes widened...

"What?! No- I-"

"Save it Adora. We all know you've always been the one holding me back. You wanted me to think I needed you. You wanted me to feel ωєαк."

She crouched down with my sword in hand and slowly started cutting the web...

I whimpered a little, only one hand left on the web for support.

"Well news flash! I don't need you. I don't need anyone! I'm finally gonna show them all that they were wrong about me. You were wrong about me. I'm better than you all think." She spat, her voice as cold as venom.

She glared down at me and finally said:

"I wonder what I could've been if I'd gotten rid of you sooner."


She cut the last of the web and I screamed falling toward the black void...

I managed to grab onto a small little ledge. It was big enough to fit my hand.

"Catra! I-I'm Sorry! I never meant to make you feel second best! I didn't know you felt that way! I didn't know you cared!" I pleaded out.

Her glare was as cold as ice.

"Catra.... please. Don't do this!" I cried out again.

She scoffed and threw my sword down toward the black cliff below....

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