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So I know that in the show the woods froze in like 20 seconds but like- just pretend it was 2 months for the sake of the book-

Anyways, enjoy the Chapter! OwO

-Glimmer's POV:

It's been 2 months.

2 months since we found Adora's sword and unconscious body in the ruins.

2 months since chaos started.

2 months since the Horde caused the planet to go out of control...

The whispering woods are almost completely frozen over.

Most of the princesses have had to flee their kingdoms due to Horde attacks.

And the last Runestone standing?

Bright Moon.

"They should be coming soon...." My mother sighed, burying her head into her arms...

I frowned...

The planet is in utter chaos and our only savior?

Yeah, she's in a coma.

We tried putting Adora into one of our recharging pods to see if she would wake up but so far it's had no effect....

"Everyone get into your battle stations. The Horde could attack us at any time. Meeting dismissed." My mother ordered and all of the princesses from the alliance (at least the ones that made it out of their kingdoms) nodded.

Perfuma, Frosta, Netossa and Spinnerella were the ones who made it out alive...

And yes, Frosta decided to help defend the only place keeping the planet from achieving total darkness.

The only place the Horde hasn't touched....yet.

Mermista is still stuck in her kingdom with Sea Hawk...

The battle over there is brutal and she's bearly holding on.

I felt a hand go on my shoulder and I looked up to meet Bow's sad smile and gaze.

I smiled slightly back at him...

With him around I don't feel so alone.

With him around things don't seem so hopeless.

"Wanna go visit Adora?" He asked gently.

I nodded and he let go of my shoulder as we walked side by side to the recharging station...

-Bow's POV:

"Hey Adora.... So umm the planet's kind of in chaos and you're literally our only hope so now would be a great time to wake up.... No pressure! Haha- Seriously though, we miss you. We're worried about you.... Where's our friend?" Glimmer said, and my heart ached when not a single muscle of Adora's body moved.

She neared her motionless, but still breathing, body and lightly placed a hand on her cheek...

"Come on, Adora.... w-we need you!" She said desperately, almost on a verge of tears.

'She's shaking...' I thought...

I quickly rushed to Glimmer's side and placed a hand on her shoulder...

She turned around and I pulled her in for a hug...

"It's gonna be okay. Adora's just fashionably late! She'll show up when the time comes, okay?" I said, trying to reassure myself more than her.

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