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In honor of Season 2 being out today I decided to upload this! (I haven't seen it yet so NO SPOILERS)

(Also I'm too excited since imma watch the first ep of Season 2 rn. I didn't proofread so Srry if there are any errors oof 😂)

-Adora's POV:


I kept an emotionless gaze toward the traitors I was supposed to fight.

"ATTACK THEM!" My master commanded, as I felt my body move toward the ones they call Catra and Scorpia.

The Horde soldiers started attacking the other princesses.

I gave a battle cry as I lifted my sword and swung it at the at fast speeds.

They dodged and blocked, as I switched between attacking Scorpia and Catra... those traitors.

"Adora! W-What are you doing?! Why are you attacking us? We're here to save you!" Catra spoke, as I attacked with rage and they continued dodging.

"Catra, it's no use. Shadow Weaver has taken control of her." Scorpia spoke, causing my scowl to deepen.

"No one has control of me. I'm fulfilling my duty by fighting for the real winners of this war. The Horde." My rasp voice spoke, as my eyebrows furrowed.

I acted like I was about to attack Catra before switching last second and managing to slash Scorpia in the face.

She yelled in pain, covering her eye as I smirked victoriously.

"SCORPIA!" Catra screamed in fear, as I turned around and started attacking her.

She started attacking too, managing to scratch my arm, as I winced slightly feeling it burn.

Her eyes softened a bit as she hesitated. I took this as my chance and managed to scratch her shoulder. She winced as I kept attacking, she dodged one last time before she lost her balance and fell to the floor.

She backed away with a frown as I walked toward her and my sword started to glow, ready for the final attack.

"Adora! This isn't you! This isn't who you are! I-I don't know why you're suddenly on their side. But.... I love you! I always will! I don't wanna hurt you anymore. So if you're going to attack me then.... just kill me already." She finished, as her expression got serious and she sat up, closing her eyes and waiting for me to pierce the sword through her chest.

I raised my sword ready for the attack.

I swung it toward her before-


Scorpia has gotten in the way as my sword pierced through her back. She screamed in pain as I quickly got the sword out, taken off guard by the sudden gesture.


Her shirt started staining red...

I backed away slightly, with wide eyes feeling something I haven't felt before.


Why am I afraid?

It's one less enemy for me, right?

But I could hear something in the back of my head. Something screaming out. Like a silent message telling me something wasn't right about this. I feel... guilty? What are these weakening emotions??? How do I make them stop?!

I bit my lip and shook my head as I went to attack Catra again.

I raised the sword and swung it toward her...

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