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Honestly what am I even writing anymore-

-Scorpia's POV:

I looked at both of them in disbelief.

Entrapta just shrugged while Catra looked.... guilty?

"We're leaving." Catra finally explained.

"W-What?" I replied, confusion clearly evident on my face.

"We're leaving and never coming back. You can come too! But we have to be quick!"

"Leave? With the enemy??" I said again...


Catra frowned.

"Scorpia, they're nice! The Horde has been lying to us the whole time! The princesses aren't the enemy- the Horde is!"

My eyebrows furrowed...

"Catra... I don't-"

"If you come with us, the princess rebellion will finally be complete!" The flower princess cut in, with excitement in her tone.

I was still unsure.

That's when She-ra... or Adora.... started pulling on Catra's hand.


"Is she always like that?" I said, dumbfounded.

"Oh no she just kinda got infected by some virus and is acting drunk." The princess with glittery hair replied bluntly.

I hummed but finally smiled.

"Alright- I'll join you."

Their faces filled with excitement.

They ran out of there, and I looked back toward the hallway, biting my lip before following behind them.

'I hope this works...'

-Adora's POV:

I was brought into a ship-thingy, which is what brought us to the Horde in the first place....

The princesses were all chatting with each other, crowding around the one with purple moving hair.

The one with red claws stayed in the sidelines, smiling awkwardly at them and then frowning and looking out the window.

My kitten stayed with me, as I snuggled into her shoulder...

"Hmmm.... so warm." I muttered, giggling slightly afterwards as Catra only huffed with a smile.

"Yeah, I know. I'm amazing."

"And cuddlyyyy~" I added, making her face go all red for some reason.

"I-I'm not cuddly! I'm fierce and violent." She replied.

"And cute... and cuddly... and hot-" She pushed me playfully...

"S-Shut up!"

"Noooooo~" I said, giggling as I leaned on the wall with a lopsided grin.

The purple haired one managed to call my kitten over and show her something about a disk-thingy in a sword-

I didn't understand.

What kind of idiot would put a disk in a sword in the first place???

'Hahah so dumb...'

Only when I noticed Perfuma sit next to me, did I realize that she was talking to me.

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