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Me? Updating again? More likely than you think.

-Scorpia's POV:

I looked sadly toward the two unconscious bodies, the disk shaking slightly in my clawed hands...

I felt her presence again, and I looked down toward my shadow...

My shadow's shape changed and soon emerged Shadow Weaver, smiling wickedly toward me...

"I knew I could count on you, Scorpia. You just needed a little encouragement."

I smiled sadly, but I couldn't help but feel... guilty.

They were all so nice to me for letting me stay...

"Shadow Weaver... are you sure this is necessary?" I asked, doubt filling my chest.

"Of course it is! Or are you questioning my authority again?"

I quickly shook my head...

"No! No. I would never."

"Good.... because your family's kingdom will pay the price for your actions... remember that." She warned...

I sighed...

"I know..."

"Now, grab Adora and bring her with you as well as the disk. There is a Horde ship waiting for you just beyond the kingdom borders. They're hiding in the forest."

"...what about Catra? Do I just leave her here?" I asked, concern growing for my friend...

"Well- I don't really care about her but- now that you mention it she does need to be punished. You can bring her too."

"W-Wait that's not what I meant-"

"You have your orders. Now are you going to keep speaking out of line or actually do them?!" She screamed harshly...

I tensed slightly and nodded, turning to take Catra in one arm and Adora in the other as I sneaked out of the castle...

-Glimmer's POV:

"The door's been knocked down." I muttered, looking at the broken metal door which probably caused the loud "Bam" we heard earlier.

Entrapta ran into the room, hysterically throwing everything to the floor.

Bow and I looked at each other, concerned, as Perfuma approached Entrapta.

"What's wrong?"

"The disk...I can't find it!"

-Shadow Weaver's POV:

I smirked behind my newly replaced mask.

Scorpia walked into the room with the disk and Adora in her arms.

"Lord Hordak thought I was insane for wanting Adora back with us. But I know we need Adora in order to succeed... and since trying to erase her memory didn't work... maybe controlling her will." My raspy voice spoke as Scorpia lay Adora down in a metal table, the disk and sword glowing red in her hand.

"Come. Give me the disk."

She approached me slowly, holding out the disk toward me before I snatched it out of her hand, making her jump slightly.

I let out a wicked laugh, seeing the glowing red disk with the sword implanted in it finally in my hands.

I quickly closed my eyes and connected with my dark powers, visions and instructions making it's way to my mind.

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