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-Glimmer's POV:

"Ughhhh I hate eveythinggggg"

"It's okay my love! At least we've got each other!"

"That's exactly why I hate everythinggg!"

"Oh! I know what will cheer you up, my dear Mermista. A song! OOOOOOH-"

"Stop. Please just stop."

I groan awake to the voices of both Mermista and Sea Hawk...

My heavy eyes open and that's when I realize I'm not in fact, in my room back at the castle.

I'm on a cold dirty floor inside of a cell.

I sit up in alarm, taking in my surroundings as my eyes land on Sea Hawk and Mermista.

"Great.... just great." I mutter, standing up shakily before closing my eyes and focusing on using my power to teleport out of this prison.

I feel myself start to glow and focus on teleporting, I feel myself fade away but before I know it, I'm zapped by the holographic barrier.

"AGH! WHAT THE HECK?!" I yell.

"It's no use. This cell prevents us from using any of our powers to get out. Trust me, I've tried." Mermista's monotone voice spoke, as Sea Hawk sat next to her.

I sighed in annoyance, and just sat on the floor without any hope of getting out.

"You know, this scenario reminds me of my old pirate days! I was trapped just like this but you know what got me out? A song! OOOOOOHHHHHH~"

Sea Hawk started to sing and I groaned, covering my ears and just wishing for this to end.

-Perfuma's POV:

I shot up in alarm, immediately spotting Entrapta.

I crawled toward her unconscious body as quick as I could, grabbing her face and checking if any harm had come to her...

I sighed in relief when all I found were just a few scratches.

I put her head on my lap, and played with her hair...

That always calms me down when I'm panicking.

'What do I do?! We're trapped in a cell with no way out! Wait- is that Bow?'

I finally noticed his unconscious body on the other side of the cell.

My eyes stayed glued on him for a while, as I stopped playing with Entrapta's hair and as I was about to get up to tend after him, I felt Entrapta move.

My eyes immediately landed on her now open eyes, completely forgetting about anything else I was about to do.

"Entrapta! Are you ok?" I asked, as my hand went up to cup her cheek instinctively.

Her eyes trailed around my face until they landed on mine...

"Are you an angel??" Her loopy voice spoke, making me giggle slightly.

"Pfff- no. I'm not an angel." I said, smiling down toward her.

"You look as beautiful as one."

I blushed at her remark, looking away but her hair went up to tilt my chin down toward her.

"I could get lost in your eyes forever, angel. Don't look away~" Her loopy voice spoke as her eyes half-lidded.

My eyes widened and I felt the heat in my cheeks get worse as she sat up a little, just enough so that her face would be leveled with mine.

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