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Annie pov

Gasps from almost everyone goes through the room at Navi's challenge.

"I plan to make sure everyone takes this law and practice it." Navis voice cuts the air and it feels as if the words cut into my heart at my sister's words. Like she was signing her own death certificate.

"Then we have no choice but war. Navi you will not be able to take on the countries all at once." Faren states confidently causing Acan and the rest to nod their heads in agreement.

A laugh rings through the air from his words and Navi wipes away an imaginary tear before replying. "Oh I don't plan to, some of you will come to your senses and join me. I'm sure of it." Navi states and my eyes widen at the smirk that takes over Jacy's face as I realize Navi's double meaning.

"Just be glad I'm not trying to become a supreme ruler, I just want you all to follow a simple law, how hard is that." Navi shrugs innocently.

"No, I'm sure you're smart enough to know it will never happen." Acan hisses causing Navi to raise a brow at his words.

"Oh? Fine, I change my mind, I want to be supreme ruler over you all, once I win this war you all will bow before me." Navi sneers as she raises her head at the challenge.

My eyes widen at my sister, long gone is the skittish girl I knew just a couple months ago, now is a fearless leader, an evil fearless queen.

"If war is what you want, then war is what you'll get," Ajax states eerily calm as him and Mae Flower stand and abruptly walk out, the rest of them follow. I stand and make eye contact with Navi.

A moment passes as the rest of the councils and queens and kings leave quickly, probably to start planning battle plans.

I walk towards Navi stopping infront of her. Jacy raises an eyebrow as she walks to Navi grabbing her arm lovingly. I glare at her hand wanting to burn it off.

"Darling leave us." Navi commands and obediently, Jacy leaves.

"Yes my lovely sister." Navi smiles and I cringe inwardly at the sweetness in her voice.

"What the hell was that." I whisper harshly as Jacy walks out the door closing it. Leaving us in the sound proof meeting room.

"I believe they call it asserting dominance." I roll my eyes at Navi's cocky tone as she smirks proudly.

"Navi you literally just started a war with all of the kingdoms."

"Desdemona." Navi corrects me causing me to take a deep breath and release it harshly. "And I know, I have everything planned Annie, I'm not dumb. Chaotic but not dumb." She chuckles at her own words and honestly I love my sister but I just want to choke her. Beat some sense into her

"This is not you, Navi" I try to reason with my sister but she just tilts her head at me and puts her hand to her chin sarcastically, mocking a thoughtful look.

'You're right it isn't. I'm not Navi any more I'm desde-"

"No you are not, shut up! You are Navi," My voice rises slightly as my frustration starts to slip through. My control loosening and I try to quickly snatch it back.

"No I'm not, Navi died with Bain." She glares at me as her tone matches mine. 

Anger erupts at me at her words, her excuses, I'm tired, of it; all of it.

"No don't you dare use his death as an excuse for what you have done and what you are doing, he is probably rolling in his grave right now." My voice raises again as my control slips a little more. I try desperately to reel it back in.

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