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Warning, sensitive content.
Desdemona's pov (back to the ball)

"Wow, there is so many people!" Jacy exclaims as she looks out into the crowd. I smirk at her words as I look over the people.

"Do you hold events like this all the time?" Jacy then ask as she leans against my throne. I look up to her from where I'm sitting, an excited smile taking over her face as she looks over the crowd in wonder.

"I would for you." Jacy blushes as she looks away from the crowd to me.

"That's so sweet," Jacy then looks out into the crowd. "Then that's what I want, events like this all the time!"

"Then it is done. A ball every weekend, lasting all weekend long." An excited squeal leaves her mouth as she grabs my arm excitedly.

"But wait, what if people stop coming?" Jacy pouts as she looks at the people dancing and drinking.

"They won't have a choice." I start, causing Jacy to tilt her head at me. "If they don't come, they die." I smile looking at Jacy causing her to jump up and down excitedly.

"Well then I hope people decide not to come so I can kill people! That'll make all of this even better. Getting blood over this dress as I rip someones heart out." Jacy smiles as she gestures to her dress, the one I grabbed from Fray's room.

"You know, I was thinking, you should get rid of the council, kill them all. That way no one ever questions your power." Jacy smirks as she eyes the council members that are dancing and chatting away with guest.

I shake my head. "No, if I do that a revolution will start. I have to have the council so the people think my power is in check." I then smirk as I look at Jacy. "That's where you come in, you make the council agree to everything I say."

"Wow you are smarter than I thought Des, though what about your sister? You don't really like when I use my powers on her." Jacy explains and I spot my sister dancing with a tall, built man.

"I think my sister found her mate, I'm sure she will be busy being in love for a while." I say causing Jacy to smirk.

"Ah yes, and once the newness of the love wears off I can always let heart break set in." Jacy smirks causing me to narrow my eyes at her.

"Jacy that is my sister, I would rather you play with someone else. If you must."

Jacy clears her throat and her voice comes out strained. "Right, yes my Queen."

I turn my attention back to the crowd and a smirk makes it's way to my face as I see him. I quickly stand keeping an eye on him.

Soon his dark blue eyes meet mine and a smirk appears on his face as he walks my way. I walk towards the stairs and he meets me with his hand held out. I grab it lightly and he helps me down the staircase.

"Don." I greet with a smile.

"Navi, it was so nice to get your invite." His charming words reach my ears causing me to smile.

"Of course, it's good to see you. But call me Desdemona." Don smirks as I stroke his ego.

"Well are you going to offer  your Queen a drink or not?" Don's eyes widen slightly in shock at my words before chuckling lightly.

"Of course, my queen." Then Don quickly walks away and I look to Jacy. She smirks at me as she watches Don from beside the throne.

After a moment Jacy smirks again and looks at me and winks. I turn my head as Don comes back to me and hands me a drink. I pretend to take a sip and make a small moan escape my lips.

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