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Annie pov

I turn looking at the girl infront of me. She smirks at me and I resist letting a heavy sigh leave my lips. Jealousy plays with the broken pieces of my heart like they are toys as it hums to it's own victory song.

"I just came to apologize Annie, about the whole James situation." Though the smugness in her voice and face say other wise. Jealousy sings louder at her words.

A sharp pain goes through my chest as the image of Kaela and James kissing enter my mind. James was supposed to be my second chance, atleast I thought he was. Instead he is with her and I am stuck with jealousy.

"Though you seem like someone who should know better." Kaela shrugs as she takes a couple steps to me.

"Did you come to rub it in my face or did you actually come to me for an actual reason?" I ask my tone coming off snarky causing Kaela to smirk.

I really wanted to roast her. My fingers twitch at the idea but remembering she is only human I quickly ditch the thought.

Plus she is James mate, I can't hurt him like that just because I am jealous.

"Both, I wanted to make sure that you know James and I are happy together, you need to stay away from him." I scoff at her words and roll my eyes.

"Message clear, you can leave now, and leave me alone." I breath out my words trying not to come off too angry or jealous but Kaela smirks knowing the whole ordeal is eating me up inside.

"Good, I hope to never see you again." Kaela shrugs before turning and walking away, down the alley way where she first came from.

I sigh and turn and walk back into the restaurant.


Riley pov

I look at the small cottage and tilt my head slightly. This is where the supposed witch, Nakotah, lives. Hopefully she can make the potion for Navi, and everything can go back to some kind of normal.

My boots crunch on the forest floor as I make my way to the front door. The small porch creaks under my weight and I raise my hand, the door rumbles as my fist knocks against it.

I look around me out into the forest before looking back as the door opens. I walk in cautiously, not sure what exactly I'm walking into, this could be a trap. Witches were tricky, especially ones with out a Coven.

"Well hello Rilina." I cringe as my name leaves her lips, though her voice is silvery, poetic even. I turn my head to an opening and see what looks like a living room. The dark skinned woman is sat elegantly in a chair, sipping on a teacup.

"It's Riley." I say quickly causing a bright smile to take over Nakotah's face. Her eyes are gripping, as if she knew exactly what happened in my past, as if she knew my weakness and my strengths.

Her top lip is thinner than her bottom lip, a piercing is right on top of her cupid's bow. Her eyes are haunting and copper, watching me as if I am her prey.

"Nakotah, I need a potion." My toneless voice shoots through the air without hesitation and she simply nods at my words, straight to the point. I couldn't risk being here to long or I'd leave with my soul sold I'm sure, witches were like salesmen.

"Rilina this potion may not give you the results you are after." Nakota warns me in an all knowing tone. "There is a such thing as a butterfly effect, be careful with who touches this potion, it could be fatal." My eyes widen slightly at her words.

I resist tilting my head not wanting to give any emotion to the witch. "What do you mean? This potion should be harmless. It is only supposed to erase her memories."

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