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Flashback (Iris is 5, Annie 4, Navi 3,)
(Mispronounced words are on purpose in this chapter )
Annie pov

I grab my two dolls and rush after Iris. She giggles as she looks back at me from the bathroom door. "I beat you An! I beat you!" I roll my eye at my sister.

"Yeah whatever, I got my dolls you get yours?" I ask as I raise my dolls to show her. She nods as she shows me hers as well.

"Yeah come on," Iris walks to the bathroom and I spot mom who is turning off the water in the bath tub.

"Okay girls hurry up, you both have school in the morning." Iris takes her shirt and shorts off as mom helps me with my clothes.

Iris gets in and I quickly get in after her giggling at the hot water. Just how I liked it.

Mom doesn't waste time as she quickly washes us both. "Mom can we play for a minete?" Iris asks making my mother chuckle at my sister's way of saying minute. She gives Iris a quick kiss on the head.

"Yes dear, I'll be back soon to put you both to bed." Iris and I both nod before grabbing our dolls as my mother walks out of the door pulling the door so it's only cracked open.

"I'm gonna be Queen Ittsy! The crazy dragon lady!" Iris states as she takes the little doll sized brush and starts brushing her dolls hair.

"I wanna be Queen Tyra! I saw, I saw a picture of her the other day, she is so pretty." I sigh thinking back to her picture. I wished I could look like her. I think mother does to, mother has been trying different diets so I have a princess body, that's what mother says.

I over heard mother talking to one of her friends, the next diet mom says we are trying is a low carb diet. Mother talked about teaching me how to count calories. I sigh as I look at Iris. She isn't chubby, she is perfect, I wish I could look like my big sister.

"Ring ring." Iris says and I giggle as I make my doll pick up a phone. It's not really one there but I'm pretending there is one.

"Hello?" I say in my mostest elegant voice I can do.

"Is this Tyra?" I giggle at Iris attempt at a dragon accent.

"Yes this is Tyra!" I say excitedly as I move my dolls hair.

"Hi Tyra this is Ittsy. I wanted to know if you want to come swim with me in my pool."

"Of course! I'll be over in a minute!" I state and hang up the phone. I then walk my doll over to Iris doll. "Hello Ittsy I'm here!"

Suddenly the door creeps open and Iris and I turn to see Navi looking in.

"Hi NayNay. Want to play?" A shy smile over takes Navi's face as she shyly nods her head.

Navi creeps in after looking behind her to make sure mother wasn't looking. "You not gon tell moter right?" I smile at Navi, she always over says her T's.

Iris quickly shakes her head no causing Navi's smile to widen as she walks closer. "Thank you Irist."

Iris shakes her head at the 't' that follows Navi's 's' as always. Iris then hands her a doll. "I'm Queen Ittsy, An is Queen Tyra." A smile lights up Navi's face as she quickly grabs a doll and gets on her knees at the side of the tub.

"I'm Queen Serro." Navi smiles as Iris laughs.

"Its Zerro Nav, not Serro."

"Oh Serro."

Another giggle escapes Iris.

"Z Nav, Z, Zerro."

"Oh, Z?" Iris smiles in delight at helping Navi pronounce Z.

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