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Navi's pov

The most important people in my life came to my funeral. I tried my hardest to make the wind blow and kiss their cheeks for me. I willed the sun to keep their hearts warm for me. I told the birds to sing louder, maybe they could hear my voice in the song.

I tried to make the sky cry so Annie knew I was crying with her.
The Goddess didn't allow that one though.

I wanted to tell Annie the darkness did not follow me in death. Instead I was wrapped in light.

I wanted her to be happy for me. Death was welcomed for me.
I feel saved.

Though I know she feels robbed.

I try to caress Riley on the cheek. I know she doesn't feel it. I will the wind to blow her hair back from her face. Instead Daniel does it for me. Then he takes her hand and leads her away from my resting place.

I try to whisper words of appreciation to Fray for the dress he made. He will never stop making dresses for me, is what the Goddess says.
An artist never truly gets over their muse, especially one that lasted for only a small sketch book.

I want to tell James to take care of Annie. I know I don't need to. The Goddess says their souls are intertwined now. Second chance is what she calls it.

Annie and James are the last to leave.

Annie and Riley will be the first to visit my grave later.

Annie reads my letter, I think she is in shock.

She will be an amazing Queen, A Queen that gets to be, is what the Goddess promises.

The Goddess allows me to see Annie crowned Queen. The Goddes says she felt she owed me that for putting me through everything. She says there is a reason. 

Annie is beautiful, dark red dress that shows her curves wonderfully. The crown fits her better than it fit me.

Annie drops her last name. She says her family name doesn't belong in royalty. She instead selects Holland as her last name now.

The crowd cheers for Annie. They bow to her, she blushes. Not used to the attention. Not used to not being just the middle child.

Not used to being the only child, left.

Uncle Carter comes in and attends the ceremony as well. He plans to stay, for a couple weeks, though it's more like two days. Later Riley rolls her eyes when she finds him gone.

Riley is announced as Beta Female. Daniel holds her proudly.

The Goddess says Riley will slowly recover from her nightmares, from a past she kept hidden from me.

Being an Assassin and having the power of a taker has not been kind to her.

The Goddess says she will tell me Rileys story later.

As the ceremony ends and the party starts the Goddess tells me its time to leave. I miss Annie having her baby, but the goddess tells me she has a boy and names him Nayvin.

We come back a year later. I get to see Annie's wedding. Riley is her maid of honor and James sister is her bridesmaid. James eldest brother, the king, is the best man. Daniel is a groomsmen. Fray is the person that weds them. James, traditionally, takes the royal name. Holland.

Happiness wraps around my heart at the sparkle in my sisters eyes. The happiness that surrounds them all.

I come back for Rileys wedding six months after Annie's wedding. Daniel cries, Riley cracks jokes but I see she is also emotional.

I see Riley put her hand on Annie who also cries from the emotions of seeing her new best friend getting married. Riley lightly squeezes her shoulder, I wonder if Annie notices.

Two years later we return to earth.
The Goddess must feel really bad since she brings me to see Annie have another baby. A girl, she names her Bailey.

Riley has a girl, Kaitlyn. Fray and his mate adopt a girl, Avery.

Annie goes to the portrait. She only goes once after seeing I'm not in the hidden room. I think she feels I was cheated. I want to tell her I'm not. The Goddess takes care of me now. Though the goddess laughs at the irony, my negative energy was rejected from a place I built. I furrow my eyebrows at her confused, I never built that, Zerro did. The goddess hushes me.

After seeing the kids. The Goddess says she feels better now. I'm no longer going back to earth, for now.

She is talking about me going to the heavens. I'm supposed to be in the heavens for forty years.

The Goddess smiles down at me. She tells me to cut my emotional ties to my love ones on earth. I ask her about my mate. She tells me I never had one, the connection was fake. I'll never see him again. I'll never see any of them again. Well except one.

I ask her why.

She says I'm not entitled to know that. She says I should be grateful I got to see my twin, I won't see her again for a long time. She calls me Thana, I tilt my head making her laugh at my confusion. She tells me how everything will make sense soon. She calls me child.

Then without a word she snaps her fingers and I'm infront of pearly white gates, two angels beckoning me in as other angel's cheer. I suck in a deep breath at the feelings of lightness. Happiness and love swarm around me, a calmness settles as well.

I enter the kingdom of light.

I cannot undo
What I have done;
I can not un-sing
A song that's sung

And the saddest thing
about my regret-

I can't forgive me
And you can't forget.
-Lang Leav




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