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Annie pov

At her words James steps closer to me, placing his hand on my waist. Riley takes a step, placing herself between Jacy and me.

Jacy turns to a guard that followed her in here. "Go get Desdemona."

The guard nods and quickly rushes off. When the guard is out of sight Riley pulls out a small pistol and aims it at Jacy. My eyes widen, I didn't even know Riley was armed. By the look on Daniel's face he didn't know either.

"Ah, Ah, Ah. Now Riley, you and I both know Desdemona would not be happy with you pointing a gun at me." Jacy clicks her tongue as she crosses her arms.

"I can handle Navi," chills go through me at Rileys voice, stern and cold, the assassin showing itself.  Jacy narrows her eyes at Riley.

"Look bitch, drop the act. I haven't seen you do a damn thing, other than take someone powers, what a cheap shot." At her words the gun clicks as Riley turns the safety off. The sound causes Jacy's eyes to widen.

"I'm an assassin Jacy, I don't play fair, it's not what I'm paid for." Nonetheless Riley lowers the gun as Navi enters the room with the guard behind her.

"What is going on?" At Navi's confusion, Jacy smirks as her eyes meet mine again.

"Your sister is pregnant." Jacy states causing Navi's eyes to widen as she looks to me.

"Pregnant?" Navi says out loud as if to taste the word.

Chills go through me at the way Jacy looks at me. Navi just looks at me in awe and wonder.

"Yes, you know I was thinking, she would be a marvelous test subject for the fairies. Maybe instead of waiting till the baby is born we can do it while the person is pregnant." Jacy muses and James grip on my waist tightens as a growl leaves him and Daniel. Daniel even takes a step towards me, making eye contact with James and giving him a quick nod.

I look to Navi as a smile takes over her face. "Jacy that is brilliant!" Navi claps her hands together as she looks to me. "Annie I'm so happy we get to test this theory on you!"

My eyes widen and my heart seems to break at her words. "No Navi, you will not get near my baby." Instinctively my hands go to my stomach. Navi gives me a concerned look.

"Annie, it won't hurt you. Infact it won't even hurt the fetus." I shake my head at Navi's words.

"No Navi, it is not happening." Navi glares at me and takes a threatening step to me.

"Yes it is Annie, as your queen I command you to allow my fairies to scan the baby, if the baby has corrupt energy it will be killed." Another growl leaves James as he places me behind him.

"Over my dead body." James growls out and my eyes widen at his words.

"You want the baby you'll have to go through us first." Riley states as she takes a threatening step. "And just for you Jacy, it'll be a fair fight." Riley smirks as she takes the small bag with the potion and puts the small pistol inside of it before gently placing it on the ground a couple feet away.

"Guards!" Jacy shouts and a couple guards come in behind her. "Do not harm Annie." Jacy commands as she looks to Navi and Navi smirks.

"The others are free game." Navi finishes and I see Rileys eyes widen slightly before narrowing.

"Fuck fair fighting." Riley states as she quickly grabs something from her pocket and throws it hitting a guard in the head. My eyes widen at the throwing star lodged deep in the guards forehead.

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