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Annie pov.

I stand infront of Navis golden casket. The priest says a prayer to the moon goddess. The wind blows and the birds sing louder than what I can handle. I resisted the urge to glare at the sun for the harsh heat it let down on me.

I'm wearing a black dress. Riley and everyone else are also wearing all black. I grit my teeth as I look around.

The only ones here are Riley, Daniel Fray and James. The rest of the kingdom; are celebrating the fall of the ice queen. They are drinking, dancing, instead of mourning.

I want to kill them all, none of them know what it is like to fall. I swallow harshly as I tune the priest out.

My family is dead. My parents, my sisters. I've buried them all. I'm only 19.

I'm the one that killed her. I was supposed to protect her and I did the exact opposite. I close my eyes tightly as the priest bows to the grave and walks away.

I breath out deeply and open my eyes and walk to the open casket. I look down at Navi. She is in a light blue dress, her makeup is done lightly. She looks like she is peacefully sleeping.

I want so badly to grab her shoulders and shake her as if I could wake her up.

I feel a hand on my arm. I turn and see a teary eyed Riley. All of us have been crying. This isn't what any of us wanted.

Riley pulls me into a hug. I return the gesture. Riley squeezes me lightly, almost as if I wasn't meant to feel it.

She then slowly breaks away from me and walks away, making sure not to look at Navi. Daniel grabs Riley and pulls her close as they walk away. I hear Fray whisper something to Navi as I turn and see him whispering to her. He wipes his eyes before sniffling and walking away, after grabbing my arm and squeezing it lightly.

Two men come up and close Navi's casket as they prepare to bury her.

I feel like I could vomit my heart onto the grass beneath my feet. My lungs felt as if they could collapse any minute, on any breath I take in. 

James puts an arm around me as he leads me away. Walking me to the truck and opening my door and helping me in before getting in himself.



I sit on the bed, my head in my hands, still in my black dress. It's only been an hour since I saw Navi for the last time.

James is getting me ice cream.

Really I just needed an excuse to be alone.

I can't wrap my head around it. I killed her, I killed my sister. I didn't know what else to do at the time.

A knock sounds at the door, Riley opens it slowly and pokes her head in. She smiles at me sadly.

"Annie, we need you in the meeting room." I sigh at Riley's words, I'm head of council. They need me.

I breath in deeply as I gather my feelings and put them up. I stand and follow Riley into the meeting room. The council, Daniel, and Riley are seated at their assigned seats. A pain stabs at my heart at the empty seat where Navi should be. I sigh as I walk to my normal seat and sit down.

Daniel clears his throat as he looks around. "Well we already know who is next in line for the throne." Daniel states as he looks to Riley. "But before we get to that," Daniel says as he looks through some paper work before pulling out an Envelope and handing it to me. "Navi wrote this for you. I feel its only fair you get to read it before we start this process, I know you won't have time to after, we have a lot of paper work to go through."

I grab the envelope and open it quickly, I bite my lip to try and keep myself from crying, seeing Navi's writing. I handle the letter carefully as if it could crumble in my hands.

Dear Annie.

If you're reading this then I'm dead. Please don't cry for me, this is all I have ever wanted. I am at peace now.

When I first became queen I was told I needed to write a will. Who would take over if Bain and I passed with out us having children. I didn't think much of it. I laughed it off, in my mind, Bain and I would have children and live long enough to see grandchildren. So I thought, No need to write this.

Yet I was wrong.

I can never describe the pain of looking your dead mate in the eye. Hours after falling asleep in his arms.
After killing Hannah I knew, I didn't have much time left before the trauma over took me. So while you were getting dressed I sat down and wrote this, after I wrote my will.

Annie, you are strong, and brave. You are kind and patient. You try to steer clear of violence unless it is absolutely necessary.
You are perfect to be Queen.
Which is why in my will I've left everything to you.
Daniel will continue being your beta of betas and Riley will be your female beta of betas.

I wish I could be there in person to see them crown you.
I'll be watching over you though.

Now, What I'm about to tell you is top secret, no one else can know, until the next princess or queen.
Go to Zerros portrait, touch the painting and say her name.
Anytime you need some advice go there.
I hope I am there but my actions as queen, makes me believe I won't be.

Thank you Annie Bananie, for being my sister, for loving me before I had a king as a mate.

I'm sorry I couldn't be as strong as you.

I pray to the moon goddess you'll forgive me for my actions .

Annie, you're going to be an amazing queen.

Love your sister,

I read the letter a second time.

Then a third.

Then a fourth.

I look up to Daniel, confusion gracing my face.

"Annie, you are the queen now, it's in Navi's will. Everything goes to you." Daniel states calmly. He holds confidence in the decision. Something I truly lack. I shake my head as I run my sweaty palms on my dress and slowly stand.

"I'm-I'm not-" I can't get the words out I look to Riley, a hopeful smile graces her lips.

"Annie you are a perfect leader, we know from working with you," Eddy, one of the council men, pipe in with a smile towards me.

"We will give you time to digest this information Annie." Rose states as she puts a comforting hand on my arm. I nod slowly.

I doubt I will ever digest this. I am not queen material. This seems like a joke, a cruel joke, I don't understand the goddess's plan, I don't understand this at all.

I just want my sister back.


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