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Rileys pov

I park the black rental car in the small driveway. I open the car door and step out, I walk towards the door, I hear the sound of the gravel moving beneath my black leather boots as I make my way to the small cottage.

There isn't another house for miles, we are surrounded by trees, completely out of sight.

I knock on the door three times precisely before pausing and knocking once more.

The door opens and a squeal leaves her mouth as she pulls me in. Immediately I am slammed into the wall and her lips meet mine as her hands quickly move to my black tank top. Before she can take it off I push her away.

"Damn Quin, I missed you to but damn," I shake my head as a small laugh leaves my lips. Her purple eyes dance with lust as her eyes roam my body. Her ebony brown hair is pulled up in a lazy ponytail, she wears a v-neck that says.

I came, I saw
I forgot what I
Was doing.

She has on black leggings as well, her normal outfit. "Well come on Ri, I've been missing you in more ways than one," Quin states as again she comes towards me but I put a hand out halting her actions.

"Can't play around anymore Quin, I found my mate." I say seriously causing a hurtful look to wash over her face.

"Riley, if you don't want to play around anymore that's fine but don't lie about it damn." Quin pouts as she crosses her arms.

Quin and I had a sexual relationship before I met Daniel. Quin and I hit it off after we first met, the only mission I didn't finish with blood. She was hot, we had the same body type except I had more muscle than her. She is probably an inch shorter than I and despite her spitfire personality. She was a sub.

"I'm not lieing, I swear I found my mate." Yet Quin just rolls her eyes as she walks over to the love seat and sits down.

"I thought that connection was broken when you were younger." Quin glares at me causing me to sigh.

"I did too." I shrug as I walk over and sit beside her. "All I can think is he is very high up in the ranks. The power wasn't strong enough to break I guess." I then grab Quins hand making her look at me.

"I promise I am not lieing, I wouldn't lie to you. Why would I, we had a good deal going." I smirk and Quin does so as well.

"Alright. Well if you're not here for sex, what are you here for." Quin ask with a slight smile.

"Well," I start. "I need you to bring someone back from the dead."

Quins eyes widen for a moment before she bust out laughing. "I'll do that right after I give Stanley from the bar a blowjob." I tilt my head and look pointedly at Quin.

She stops laughing abruptly as her eyes widen again. "Wait you are serious."

"No Quin, I hunted your ass all the way to Fae kingdom to joke with you." I say sarcastically causing Quin to roll her eyes.

"I mean you have done that before, of course you were passing by on a mission, and we had sex after." Quin shrugs as a small laugh leaves her lips.

Oh yeah, I have done that before.

"Beside the point, can you bring them back or not?" I ask tilting my head trying to be completely serious.

Quin sighs and shakes her head as she rubs the back of her neck. "I don't know Riley, that's dark magic, extremely dark magic."

"You've played in dark magic most of your life Quin." It was true, Quin grew up in a dark Coven, as she got older she realized the things they were doing, so she slipped out of the Coven and went to a Coven of light and told them the secrets of the dark Coven, causing a war between the two.

Only a few survived from the Dark Coven, they have been hunting Quin ever since.

"How long has the person been dead?" Quin sighs at her own question causing me to smile at her considering it.

"A little over a month." I shrug causing Quins eyes to widen.

I raise a brow, it's only a month, that's not really long.

"Can't, to much of a risk," Quin breathes as she shakes her head at me.

I groan and roll my eyes. "Come on Quin, why not? You never say no to dark magic." Quin did little stuff with dark magic all the time, I don't see why she can't with this. I know it's big, but it's just once.

Quin narrows her eyes at me. "The person has been dead far to long, a demon or something else could take over their body instead. Even if you do get them, your dragging them back from the dead, they won't be the same. You could only get half of their original personality, that includes the bad half." I groan out as I lean back in the chair covering my hands with my face.

Of course, Annie was right.

"Why do you need someone brought back anyway?" Quin questions and I drop my hands and look at her.

"Well I'm sure you heard the king was killed."

"Who hasn't." Quin shrugs as if it was no big deal.

"He was my best friends mate, now he is dead and she is losing herself. Doing things she never would have done before." At the mention of that her eyes brighten.

"Oh it's that Des chick! Yeah I heard she is upsetting the kingdom. Rumors have it she is going to start killing people no matter how little their crimes are. If you steal you're dead. Any crime you commit, automatic death sentence." Quin shakes her head at her own words causing my eyes to widen.

I hadn't heard that, though I wouldn't put it past her.

"If I could bring her mate back, her sanity would also return, is my theory," I shrug. Seeing as most of the cause for peoples insanity is losing their mate, bringing back Bain would bring her old self back.

"Unless you get the bad parts of him, then you have two out of control rulers." Quin states causing me to nod my head. Again Annie was right.

"So this trip was for nothing." I grumble causing Quin to laugh.

"No you got to see me! Plus I know how to help you." I look to a smirking Quin with a raised brow.


"There is a witch that broke off from the Light Coven, very powerful. She could make you a potion to erase Navi's memories. You can make her forget of ever meeting Bain. Forget the mate Bond completely. The witch can make it to where she forgets up to a certain point." My eyes widen as a smile takes over my face.

"So she could forget about meeting Bain, the kidnappings, the killings everything." Quin nods confirming my words.

"Her name is Nakotah. But Riley she is an old witch, ancient even, she isn't going to want money as payment, so you need to be prepared to offer something." I shrug knowing I'll just wing it instead.

"Where can I find her" I ask as I stand from the love seat. Quin sighs.

"That's the thing, she keeps well hidden. I don't know where she is, last I heard she was in the Flight Kingdom. That was years ago, she has moved since then." I groan internally at her words, another hunt I don't have time for.

"Well guess I better go then." I state as I walk to the door, I hear Quin follow behind me.

"Hey don't go so long with out visiting Ri." Quin smirks at me causing me to roll my eyes.

"Right." I state as I walk out and Quinn shuts the door behind me.

I get into the rental and quickly speed away.



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The Making Of Glitch: Riley was actually a character from another story of mine. I lost love for the story but still loved my character so I took her and put her in Glitch after I changed everything about it.
As I said before. Navi was originally a human with ice powers that was a vampire slave. In fact Navi wasnt even the name she started with!

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