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Flashback (warning mature content)
Annie's pov

I grab my books from my locker and quickly walk down the hallway with a huge smile on my face.

"What you smiling so big for?" Todd chuckles as he walks quickly to my side, my smile widens at his question.

"I have a date tonight." Todd smiles at the happiness in my voice.

"Oh is it that Tanner guy?" Todd teases causing me to blush. "You have been crushing on him all year. I can't believe you have a date with him." Todd states obviously happy for me.

"I heard he picks his nose." Todd teases as he scrunchs up his nose. I roll my eyes at him.

"No he doesn't, he is way to cool to do that." I giggle as we exit the school.

"You need a ride?" Todd ask as he waves to his mom, who pulls up at the school.

"No I'm just going to walk to Tanner's, it's only a couple blocks." I say as I point down the road.

"Suit yourself," Todd shrugs. He then gives me a hug as we say our goodbyes and rushes off to the car.
I wave to his mom as she drives away.

I then start my walk to Tanner's.

I blush at thinking of how cute he is. He wasn't the brightest star in the sky but he was definitely nice to look at.

Plus he is a quarter back and a senior, I am only a sophomore. His bright green eyes seemed to pierce through your soul and his dark brown hair just teased you to run a hand through it. He also has as dimples that complimented his smile, that could light up the room. He had just moved here two years ago from the Flight kingdom, so he still had the accent. Plus he is a dragon shifter how cool is that!

The most important part, is he knows me, he paid attention to me. He asked for my name, I didn't have to awkwardly introduce myself. Everything was so right when we first met, I wouldn't be surprised if he is my mate, sadly I won't find out till I turn 16, though it's only a couple months away!

I turn down the road to his house and quickly walk up the drive way. I knock on the door but tilt my head when it seems to already be open. Maybe he left the door open so I could see my self in. With that thought I quickly push the door the rest of the way and walk in.

I breath in deeply and smile at the smokey smell. That is something we both had in common, I had the power of fire, and he was a dragon that had the same power. I quickly walk in and look around the living room. It has a nice tan colored couch that sits on hard wood floors. The walls are a off white color and hold many of his trophies.

I walk through the hallway and down another one. His house didn't have an upstairs like mine.

I tilt my head as I start to vaguely hear noises. Like moaning?

I go to the door at the end of the hall and grab the door knob and open it while walking in slowly. I gasp loudly at the scene before me.

Hannah is on top of Tanner, both of them are naked. Tanner quickly throws Hannah off of him.

"Oh my gosh Tanner I was about to cum!" Hannah shouts in a high pitched whining tone. Tanner looks at me wide eyed. He then quickly jumps up grabbing his gym shorts ignoring her.

"Annie I can explain." Tanner states nervously as he looks at me, face full of guilt. I then look at Hannah, still laying down in all her glory smirking at me.

"It's kinda weird you are going to explain all of the things we have been doing,  kinda kinky." Hannah laughs causing Tanner to glare at her.

"Shut up Hannah." She rolls her eyes as she stands and starts putting her clothes on. I still seem to be in shock as my feet are stuck where they are. Hannah smirks as she walks by me.

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