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*Three days after the meeting*
James pov

"It's my girlfriend's sister, Jax, we can't just, kill her." I reason with my brother. "Why can't we just arrest her."

Jax rolls his eyes at me, he loved action and violence.

He loved war.

Any opportunity for war, he took with out hesitation. My brother is a great king, but his lust for blood, I fear, will be his down fall.

"I talked to Riley, she won't do it, saying she has a plan." Jax rolls his eyes at the mention of the assassin.

"Well I trust Riley." I defend crossing my arms. Riley has never failed something after putting her kind to it, why shouldn't we trust her?

"Well I don't, her feelings are involved, so I'm thinking of something else." Jax explains as he looks through his contacts.

"Man, we shouldn't kill her, she has gone through a lot." I try to reason, though they just smile or roll their eyes at me.

"James, Desdemona is one of those people you can't just let live. I get where you are coming from but we have no other choice." My brother smiles lovingly at his mate, Mae Flower's, words.

I however huff at the two.

"I've never seen you so love sick, doing all of this just because you're with the girls sister?." I glare at my brother, Jared, for laughing.

"Dude is she even your mate?" Asher ask as he puts his feet on Jax's desk causing Jax to glare at him.

"Oh my gosh I better be in the wedding if she is!" Jasmine gushes and I roll my eyes at my sister and brothers.

"She is not my mate, exactly, but she is mine." I growl out as I cross my arms and huff.

"Oh cheer up little brother we are just teasing." Jasmine giggles as I flip her off.

A knock sounds at the door and I turn as it opens and smile at the two little kids peaking through. My twin nieces, Millie and Lilly, smile up at me as they rush in and grab on my leg.

"Mum! Can Uncle James come play!" Mae's face lights up at her little girls before looking at me. Great a reason for me to leave.

"Of course." The girls squeal at her words and I quickly pick them up putting them both on my shoulders.

"I got you now!" I growl playfully as I walk out of the meeting.

I needed a break from the hot heads anyway.

"You dragons want to shift?" I ask causing the girls to immediately squeal.

"Yea!" I set them down as we step outside. The girls quickly shift into their sapphire blue dragons and I follow suit and shift into my midnight blue dragon. The twins growl playfully as they climb on my back causing huff of laughter to leave me.


I step out of the shower and grab a towel drying off quickly and putting on boxers with black gym shirts. I towel dry my hair and rub a comb through it quickly before walking out of the bathroom.

A knock sounds through the room from the door and I look towards it with a huff. My sister always seemed to be on my heels constantly.

With us being closer in age, her being two years older than me, we definitely were closer to each other more so than the others.

"Come in." I grumble as I turn to grab my phone from my nightstand, it lights up showing a text from Annie.

Before I can grab it though I freeze as a voice slices through the air.

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