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I sigh as I walk out of the office and towards Annie's room. I had to hurry, I couldn't be here much longer, I needed to find Ittzy; if she is even the dragon I'm looking for.

If she is even still alive.

I open the door to Annie's room and walk in, she looks at me expectantly from her spot on her bed. I sigh as I sit beside her.

"So did you get the potion?" I groan at her question as I rub my face.

"Yes, but it isn't done." My words are muffled by my hands and I quickly remove them and look at Annie who looks slightly disappointed, though still trying to be hopeful.

"Well what now?"

"I have to find an eternal dragon, believed to be Ittzy." Annie furrows her eyebrows at my words.

"Are you sure?"

"From what I'm gathering probably, she is the only one I know of that was never buried, legend has it all her son found were chains."

"Well where are you gonna start?"

"I don't know, this maybe above Quins pay grade. Unless maybe I throw you in the offer I'm sure she would find you attractive." Annie's eyes widen at my nonchalant words.

"Wait what? You're planning to pimp me out?!" Her voice raises an octave as the words leave her mouth.

"I mean, it's for a good cause?" I shrug and push a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I can't believe that is your bright idea." Annie looks at me as if I've grown two heads.

I raise a brow and look at her pointedly, "I never said it was a bright idea."

I shrug, I doubt she can do it. I could always call David, he is an amazing tracker I used to work with.

"I have someone else I can call and see." I shrug causing a sigh full of relief to escape Annie causing me to chuckle.

"Well I better get going, tell Daniel I'm sorry I couldn't stop by." Annie nods at my request and I quickly walk out of the room. I walk down the hallway and to the stairs.

"Leaving with out saying anything to your mate I see?" I smile at his voice and turn to see my mate.

"We both know what would happen if I did, I don't have time." Mischief plays in my tone causing Daniel's eyes to brighten.

Daniel grabs my hand and brings me to him quickly, tingles go through where his body is touching mine. Want fills my body, we have gone to long without being together. He gives me a quick kiss on my forehead.

"I understand my love, my little huntress is hunting." I blush at his words but roll my eyes to cover it.

By his grin, I know it doesn't hide much.

"Well if you will excuse me I would like to finish hunting." I tease following his word play. He nods understandingly before giving me a quick kiss on the lips.

"Be safe please, Riley." I nod my head at his words as I back away from him.

"Always." With that I walk away completely.

I walk towards my car, I needed to call David and see if he could find Ittzy, if she is even alive. I hear a sudden gush of air before feeling pressure on my shoulders and my feet are no longer on the ground.

In fact, I watch in shock as I move away from my car and it gets smaller and smaller.

I'm in the air.

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