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Annie pov
Flash back

"Annie," my mother states making me turn around and look up at her.

"Come here we have to put this on you." I look at the black fabric thing in her hands as I walk to her, I furrow my eyebrows up at her confused.

"What's this mommy?" I ask as she wraps it around my stomach.

"Its a waist trainer Annie." My mother states as she clips it, I furrow my eyebrows at her. My 5 year old self didn't understand what a waist trainer was.

"Its hard to breathe mommy. What's it do?" I ask her as a smile makes it to her face as she looks down at my now skinny waist.

"Its to make you pretty, don't you want to be pretty like Iris?" My mother asks.

I nod my head as she then puts a dress that is two sizes too small.

My breathing is short and restricted but I don't complain, wanting to be as pretty as Iris.

**(end of flash back )

I jolt awake at the sound of my phone going off.

I answer it quickly and hear Navi's voice over the phone. "I'm home Annie, come greet me!" Click

I sigh as I roll out of bed and go to the bathroom and quickly brush my teeth and put some light make up on. I then walk into the closet and put on some khaki pants and a blue dress shirt with black sandals.

I walk out of my room and down the hall.

"You get the call to?" I turn my head and see Daniel and Riley.

I nod my head and stop, letting them catch up.

We quietly walk down the stairs, all of us preparing to see what Navi has planned.

I look up and see a smiling Navi but my eyes widen at who is beside her.

"What the fucking hell Navi!" Riley spits and Daniel growls.

"Hi guys I'm sure you've missed me!" Jacy waves at us a wide smirk taking over her face.

My eyes widen at the small dots around her lips from where they were shown shut.

"What is she doing here?" I ask as calmly as possible as I look at the girl who stabbed me.

"Desdemona needed me so here I am!" Jacy smiles while flipping her hair behind her shoulder and smiling at us, mischief sparkles in her eyes as she takes us in.

"Desdemona?" I ask tilting my head causing Jacy's smile to widen if possible.

"I told her she should switch names, out with the old, in with the new." Jacy explains.

"Hell no, Desdemona is way to much for me to say, I'll stick to Navi." Riley grumbles glaring at Jacy.

"No you all will call your Queen Desdemona, please dear." I grit my teeth as I feel the command through my body.

"Fine," Riley grits out.

I am surprised that Riley doesn't take her powers away, though as much as I wish she would I knew as of now we couldn't,  Desdemona brought her back for a reason, we need to play along and find out why.

"Daniel, could you please get the council ready? The meeting starts in 5." Desdemona commands causing Daniel to simply nod and turn on his heels and walk out with his fists clenched.

"I'll go get my laptop." I state as I turn and quickly lock eyes with Riley.

I turn on my feet and start walking, I hear Riley mumble something before shortly following behind me up the stairs.

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