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Annie pov

"Aye yo bitches." I turn my head as I take a step back and smile as I see Riley walking from behind the castle, she holds up a vial. The potion. Relief fills my body at seeing Riley so soon.

"I found the drag-well actually the dragon found me!" Happiness goes through me knowing we now have the potion ready.

"You just left a couple hours ago." I say in surprised at how fast she had met the dragon. Riley nods as she approaches us and adds a little shrug of her shoulders. 

My heart races in anticipation to know what happen.

"So you met Ittzy? What happened? What did she say?" Riley quickly looks around as she shushes me.

"We need to go somewhere private. It's to much of a risk here." I nod at Rileys words and follow her into the castle. Looking around we make sure Jacy and Navi aren't around to follow us and we quickly walk into the meeting room where Daniel meets us. He brings Riley in his arms and holds her tightly.

"Well. What happened, what was Ittzy like?" I ask causing James to look at me confused.

"Ittzy? As in the dragon as in my great great and a lot more greats, grandmother?" I nod my head as my eyes widen, realizing the Ittzy is infact related to James.

"Yeah her, and she is a drunk for starters." Riley states as she rolls her eyes and sits in a chair. "Plus she thinks no matter what we do Navi dies." Riley sighs. My eyes widen at her words and my stomach turns.

"What? what do you mean she dies?" I ask as Daniel rubs the back of his neck.

"Why would she finish the potion if Navi dies anyway." Daniel ask causing Riley to shrug.

"I don't know its confusing. Supposedly Navi has been reincarnated. Every life Navi has lived, she has had a tragic ending." Riley explains causing Daniel to tilt his head while his eyebrows pull together. I sigh harshly as I sit down in another chair close to Riley.

"That's not all. She only mentioned it like twice maybe, but she said there was another soul. I guess it also gets reincarnated? But she never said who." Her words cause Daniel's eyes to widen.

"Maybe Bain?" Riley shrugs her shoulders at his words.

"I don't know. She almost told me what Navi was but stopped her self. It sounded like she was going to say Goddess." Riley sighs harshly as she scratches the back of her neck. Daniel rubs on his chin in thought.

"A goddess?" James suddenly ask tilting his head. "A goddess of what?"

Riley shrugs. "I don't know, I don't even know if that is what she was going to say."

"Maybe the goddess of tragedy? Since she lives a tragic life each time she is reincarnated." Daniel guesses and all of us shrug. The only person that knows is the moon goddess herself and Ittzy.

"Maybe they are opposites. Navi is the goddess of tragedy and the other soul is the goddess of happiness or something?" James adds causing Riley to roll her eyes.

"Well I don't care what goddess or whatever Navi is she is not dying on my watch." Riley crosses her arms and I nod as does Daniel and James.

"So how are we going to go about giving her this potion?" I ask and Riley pulls on the vial and syringe.

"I say just stick it in her while she sleeps." I shrug my shoulders at Riley words.

"Yeah that could work. Who would give it to her?" I ask and Riley narrows her eyes. I look at her in shock, is it something I said?

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