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(While Riley is with Ittzy)
James POV

I grab a shirt and fold it before putting it into the suitcase. As I grab another shirt Kaela walks in.

"Ooh where are we going? A romantic get away?" I roll my eyes at her words. I am annoyed at her presence at this point I wint her gone.

"No I am going to go see Annie, I've given her a couple of days to calm down now I will go and beg her to be with me again." I throw a pointed look at Kaela as her eyes widen.

"But James, we are mates, we are mean to be not her." She argues and I desperately wish for her to leave. I don't understand why she suddenly wants to be with me. Why is she here.

"I love Annie, not you."

"Why? She is nothing but a fat bitch!" I growl at her words as I turn to Kaela. My face is hot and my fangs come through as my dragon demands out to tear Kaela apart for her insult to Annie.

"She is the most beautiful woman I have ever met, she is mine and if I have to spend the rest of my life begging her to take me back because of you, then so be it." I grumble as I harshly throw my pants into the suitcase.

Kaela sighs as I turn to her. She looks desperately into my eyes. "You really love her." She states in a whisper and I nod softly. Then with out another word Kaela walks away.

Annie pov (a couple hours later,)

"Annie what are we going to do? Desdemona is talking about an attack on the dragon kingdom next week." Edgar, one of the council men state worriedly and a couple of the others nod in agreement.

At the moment I am in a meeting with the council, discussing our current situation. My sister.

"We are going to plan the attack." I say confidently as I look over their faces of shock.

"Annie don't tell me you are agreeing with Desdemona, I know she is your sister but-" I stop Era in her tracks as I shake my head.

"No, we are hatching a plan to so that Desdemona can go back to Navi, but she can not know this so we have to act like we are helping her. Riley should have what we need to help Navi. She just has one more thing to do." I explain and they nod their heads, a couple of them type away on their computer.

"What is the plan?" Alstair ask to which I shake my head.

"I'm sorry but I can not tell you and risk Jacy forcing you to tell her. Jacy knowing could ruin everything." It made me nervous to even think Jacy could be listening in right now, I had to be as vague as possible. The room is sound proof, but it wouldn't be hard to persuade one of the council men or women to tell her everything. I just can not risk it. Thankfully everyone seems to understand, no one argues against me.

"Well I hope you are right Annie, but we will follow your lead and pretend to help the queen. But I won't like it." Era sighs and I hear the dread in her voice as she closes her lap top.

"I'm not asking you to like it, I'm asking you to fake it." I encourage causing them to hesitantly nod their heads.

"We put our faith in you Annie, please don't let us down, lives are at stake." Era advises and I nod my head.

"I believe everything will be okay." With my words I send a small prayer to the moon goddes to speed up the process of Riley finding the eternal dragon.
I am counting on Riley, if the potion doesn't work I don't know what we will do.

"You are all dismissed." I say with a nod and quickly walk out of the room as my nerves start to work on me. My eyes widen before narrowing as I spot Kaela.

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