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*warning information over load, get ready for the ride*
Riley's POV

"She told me she needed me to do something, she told me her grand plan." Ittzy smirks as her words leave her mouth. "And I was a pawn in this plan, so she made me an eternal dragon and freed me of the chains." The smirk falls from Ittzy as she looks into her glass of whiskey. Suddenly regret and guilt takes over her dragon like features.

"Except she forgot to mention the fact that she would give me my humanity back." Ittzy sighs and my eyebrows rise slightly in understanding.

"You felt the pain of killing your friends and rejecting your mate." I finish for her as she looks from her glass to me.

She nods slowly. "I felt all the guilt from killing them." Then Ittzy throws the glass back taking the rest of the contents down before slamming it on the table and grabbing the whiskey.
"But that was over a century ago I've had time to move on." I raise my brow at her statement as she pours another glass.

Ittzy then looks at me with knowing eyes. "That potion will not save her."

My eyes narrow as I lean up in the seat, our conversation suddenly taking a turn, "Yes it will."

A smirk covers Ittzy's face, "No, no it will not."

"You don't know Navi, she will be fine!" I argue as my fist ball up and my body tenses.

"Oh I know of them both, very well," I raise a brow and tilt my head at her words. My expression causes her to smirk at me. "The Moon Goddess has plans for them both, like I said before, she told me her plans then broke my chains so I could play my part."

"What plan?"

A low giggle leaves from the smirk of her lips as mischief giggles with her. Enticing her to play with my confusion and make love to my frustration.

"Riley, we are all part of her family, you and I are one of the most important parts of the family tree, but we are not her children." I grit my teeth at yet another riddle.

A moment passes as I try to contain my anger at the riddling dragon. I just want straight answers.

"It's not going to save her Rilina." I tilt my head at the sudden use of my first name and the sudden seriousness in her tone. Then she smiles as she shrugs. "Navi is going to die, that is supposed to happen, in every life she dies!" Ittzy states as her voice raises a little.

I raise a brow. "Every life?"

A chuckle leaves her as she shrugs her shoulders. "Oops spoiler alert."

"You mean reincarnation?" I question and Ittzy simply takes another sip of whiskey.

"Souls are very important Riley, reincarnation is mostly used to age those souls, like fine wine, taste better the longer it ages." Ittzy explains and I give her a confused look.

"So reincarnation is real, everyone gets reincarnated." My question causes Ittzy to laugh and I cringe at the giggly dragon.

"No, its actually very rare, only choosen Souls, ones that have a greater purpose, are reincarnated." Ittzy explains as she swirls the Whiskey around in the glass.

"Well that doesn't mean she is going to die." I argue again causing Ittzy to roll her eyes at me.

"Mortals I swear." Ittzy grumbles as she grabs the half empty bottle of whiskey. "Navi is supposed to die no matter how you spin it. If Navi would have revealed who she was, she still would have gotten kidnapped by Chadum because he would have seen her when she would have been announced as queen. Navi still would have killed Chadum and Jacy would still have kidnapped Navi a second time, the only difference? Jacy would have forced Navi to kill You and Bain causing Navi to lose her mind and become an evil queen. An up roar would have started and Navi would have been over thrown and beheaded." Ittzy states matter of factly as she looks at me dead in the eyes.

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