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Annie pov

"But your majesty I-I can't do that." My eyebrows raise at the nervousness in the mans voice, I quicken my pace down the hall towards the office.

"You can't or you won't?" My sisters voice taunts the man causing me to slightly cringe and pick up my pace even more so.

"My Queen there are hundreds of kids there!" The guard tries to reason with her but I just hear her scoff.

"All of them tormented me, burn the school down now." My eyes widen at my sisters demand.

"But-but Yo-" I walk in just in time to see Desdemona flick her wrist causing ice to go straight through the mans throat. The man gurgles as he falls and I hear a giggle, I turn to see Jacy covering her mouth lightly as she giggles. I look to Desdemona as she turns to the other guard who looks fearful of his life as he looks back and forth between Desdemona and the dead guard.

"Now go burn that school down now!" Desdemona commands with out hesitation, the guard nods his head slowly as he turns and dreadfully walks by me. I grab his arm and shake my head.

"The Queens request to burn down the school is denied by the council, approved by myself the Head Of Council." A look of relief goes through the guard at my stern words and he quickly nods and rushes off before Desdemona or Jacy can say anything else.

"Annie! How dare you go against me! Send another guard this instant!" Desdemona glares at me as her body shakes lightly and I shake my head no.

"You may be my Queen but the council has a fair amount of power to keep you from killing everyone. You're lucky Jacy got a hold to the council before I did or there wouldn't be a war." My voice is stern as I cross my arms and look pointedly towards Jacy before looking back at Desdemona.

If I had gotten the vote of the council before Jacy had used her power to make them say yes this war could have possibly been prevented or at least held off.

"Annie that school is going to be burned down rather you like it or not." I open my mouth to speak but I'm cut off by a new voice.

"No Navi, you are going to leave the school be, your body count is high enough." My shoulders drop slightly in relief of her voice and I turn to see Riley in the door way, her arms cross as she has a look of complete seriousness on her face; something I'm not quite used to.

Riley POV

Dread fills me at Navi's words. I can't believe she so easily will burn a whole school down with kids in it.

I look to Annie as I see relief take over her features, though it won't be there long, I will be leaving again in a matter of hours. I then look to Jacy and smirk at the fearful look taking over her.

"What-what are you doing here?" My smirk grows at the nervousness in her tone.

"I have to speak to Navi, so if you would leave that would be great." I state as I look away from her and look to Navi.

"Well Desdemona and I work together so whatever you have to say you can say with me here." Jacy states as strongly as her nervous voice allows.

"What if I throw a stick, will you leave then?" I ask in a sickly sweet way causing Jacy to glare at me, Annie snickers on the other side of the room.

"You are just jealous because I'm Desdemonas right hand and you are not!" Jacy flicks her hair over her shoulder sticking her head held high.

"I'm jealous of the people that haven't met you, now leave before I make you leave."my tone is clipped showing no room for argument, of course Jacy starts to open her mouth before Navi interrupts.

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