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Annie's pov.

The rest of the week flew by, I spent it tangled with James, both literally and figuratively. I feel foolish because in the week being with him, I've fallen in love with him. Completely. I have never felt so at home with someone until I met him. We aren't even mates and yet it feels like we belong together.

I feel foolish for admitting it. Like it is too fast? For mates it would be normal. Though we aren't mates. So shouldn't we take it slower? I just can't help but to fall. He is like a big cuddly teddy bear.

I sigh as I walk him to his truck. "When will you be coming back." I try to keep the desperation from my voice. We had been glued to the hip for a week, yet I am not ready for him to go.

"As soon as I can, I'll let you know. It might be a few weeks though." James sighs as he looks at me, he seems to soak up every bit of me, taking a mental picture to take with him. He then leans down and gives me a kiss. I return it eagerly, begging him not to leave through the kiss.

James breaks the kiss, sending me a sad smile before getting in his truck. I wave as he drives away.

I sigh as I turn and walk back into the castle.

"I like him Lady Annie." I turn and face the guard with a slight smile on his face. I nod at him.

"Me to."

I then turn and make my way up the stairs and hallways until I get to the office. I unlock the door walking in and sit down. I open the laptop and start on the paper work I had not worked on in a week. Being head of council meant I always had paper work needing to be done. I try to push the though of the meeting with all the kings and council members in a couple hours as I try and get as much paperwork done as possible.


I tuck the light blue button up shirt into my pencil skirt before putting on my heels. I then pull up my hair into a high bun before grabbing my laptop and walking out of my room.

"You ready for this?" Daniel asks he walks up beside me.

"No." I say sharply. Creepy crawlies seem to swarm in my stomach as it turns. My skin feels itchy and I'm sweating, making my hands feel clammy.

A laugh leaves Daniel. "I don't think any of us are, except Navi and Jacy." I huff as Jacy's name leaves his lips.

"Have you talked to Riley?" I ask as we start up another set of stairs. Hopefully she could be on her way with a way to bring Bain back and everything could go back to normal. Though my instinct tells me that is unlikely.

"Yes, she has something but it's not bringing back Bain. Plus she has to find an enternal fire dragon. " Daniel shrugs as I cast him a confused look.

"Well guess we are up a shit creek without a paddle at the moment."

"More like just looking for the paddle really." Daniel grumbles as we reach the door to the huge meeting room.

I open the door and walk in. The smell of books hits my nose even though there are only two book cases in the large room.  The room is very plain and only has three long tables that form three circles. The inner circle sits the Kings and Queens. The two outer circle sits the second in commands or betas, Council and Princes or Princesses that are observing the meeting.

I walk to the second inner circle that has the head of council members and Prince and Princesses. I sit in my spot and look around at the room that is already half way full. Daniel sits beside me.

I open my laptop and get everything set. Daniel laughs at me and I raise a brow. "You are so nerdy."

I roll my eyes "I take my job seriously."

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