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Desdemona's (Navi) pov

I walk to Jacy's room and softly knock on the door. After a moment the door opens showing Jacy, she smiles as she sees me.

"Yes my Queen?" She bows her head at me before looking back to me.

I smile as the power seems to wrap around me. "I need your help again."

Jacy's smile widens and she nods her head as she follows me as we walk down the hall. I snap my fingers to the guards waiting for me and smirk as they follow me out the door as the power of my status wraps around my heart taking over.

The door opens and we walk out to the car and the doors are opened as we climb in.

"You know what I love most about you Desdemona? You do your own killings, most Queens send people off to do their dirty work, but you, you do it yourself. With some help of course." Jacy states with a laugh as she gets settled in her seat beside me.

I laugh slightly and soon a peaceful silence falls over us.

Until we pull up at the house.

Smirks fill both Jacy and my face as we both get out of the car. I quickly walk to the house, I don't bother knocking and just walk in, my head held high.

My smirk widens at the shock faces of Ashley and Kandy.

"Ashley go home." I command as my eyes focus on Kandy. She looks at me hesitantly.

Ashley nods quickly as she stands and swiftly leaves the house.

Since Ashley has helped me, I've decided to spare her life.

The commotion causes Kandys dad and brother and sister to walk in.

"What is going on?" The little girl states looking at me. I plaster a smile on my face.

"Hello dear, we just have some things to do." I state as I look to Kandy who is completely pale in the face.

"My Queen? Is everything okay?" Kandy's father ask with a concerned look on his face.

"Oh, everything is magnificent." I smile widely causing Jacy behind me to laugh.

I then look at the little girl and boy. "I want you both to walk over to me and stand facing your sister. I want you to look her straight in the eye okay? We are going to play a game!" I say excitedly making the two smile widely and nod their heads as they quickly rush up infront of me with their backs to me as they look at Kandy in the eye.

Kandy looks at me, desperation clear in her eyes, causing me to smirk.

"Bet you really wish that suicide would have stuck now huh?" I state with as much venom in my voice as I can muster. Then with a flick of my wrist, two icicles go through her brother and sister's heart. I hear a gasp as the two fall to the ground. I see tears roll down Kandys face as she covers her mouth in shock.

"No!" I turn to see angry hot tears from the dad as he grabs the lifeless body of his daughter and son. My eyes widen at the two lifeless kids in his arms.

Regret starts to fill my heart as I look at the scene infront of me. The box of locked up emotions starts to break and the emotions fill my body. My body shakes and I ball up my fist tightly and breath in closing my eyes, I breath in the emotions whirling around me. I put them up and lock the box again. I open my eyes and the power of darkness tightens around my heart, squeezing out any left over remorse or regret.

I look to Kandy who is glaring at me with tears streaming down, as electricity surrounds her. She then puts her hand out and electricity surrounds my body and I gasp at the familiar painful tingles.

I clench my jaw and close my eyes as I breath in taking the pain of the electricity. Hello old memories.

Then with a smirk I open them and look at Kandy, unfazed by the electricity. "What can I say? I'm used to it." I then move my hand shooting an icicle towards her hand, going straight through the palm, a scream leaves her mouth as she grabs her hand.

I look at her father still cradling his children and crying. I then look to Jacy and nod my head as I walk out of the house. "Now if you two will sit on the couch please dear."

I walk out of the house and nod my head to the guards as Jacy soon walks out. The guards get to work and set fire to the house.

Jacy giggles as she rushes to me and puts her arm around mine causing me to smile. "Oh my gosh when can we do that again? This is so much fun."

I smirk at her "Soon I'm sure." I chuckle as we get into the car.

"Oh I almost forgot the ball is tomorrow night." I smile excitedly, I look to Jacy. "I'm sure Fray has something you can wear."

Jacy shrugs, "that's fine."

Soon we pull up to the castle and quickly get out. "I'll meet up with you soon, I'll make sure that Fraiser sends a dress your way." Jacy nods as we go our separate ways.

I walk to my room and stretch walking in before finally throwing my self on the bed with a sigh. Killing people took a lot of energy.

After a moment I make my self get up and stretch again. I grab my phone and call Fray.

"Hey Navi? How is my beautiful masterpiece?" I smile at Frays voice.

"I'm good, I need two dresses, are you back from your trip yet?" I ask as I sit on the bed and run my fingers through my short hair.

"No, but go to my work room, it's two doors down from the room you normally get dressed in, I have dresses done for you." I smile at Frays words.

"Thank you!" I say excitedly before hanging up. I quickly exit the room and rush down the hall and some stairs until I make my way to the room.

I walk in and gasp at all the fabric. I run my hands over the dresses with a smile on my face. I gasp as I see my dress, the one I wore when I met Bain on a mannequin up in a glass container on display.

Fray must have found it when we moved my stuff.

I smile at the dress beside it and grab the dress looking at it. I nod my head deeming it perfect as I take it and hang it up closer to the door.

I then exit the room and walk back down the hall

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I then exit the room and walk back down the hall.

I sigh as I walk into my bedroom and sigh harshly, regret playing at my heart.

I had to kill them all, if I didn't they would have killed me. I killed Hannah, Kandy was friends with Hannah, if I didn't kill her she would have gotten revenge and killed me. Or someone close.

I couldn't just kill Kandy though, her brother and sister would have grown up planning to kill me, I'm sure their father would have helped.

I had to kill them all, I didn't have any other choice.

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The Making Of Glitch:
While writing Glitch I started writing Rileys story, including some of Navis flashbacks in Rileys pov (like when riley stops her from jumping off the bridge) But with the backlash of people not liking the heavy torture I decided not to. Rileys beginning is more raw than Navi's breakage so I decided it would probably be better to not write her story.

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