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RogueComing November

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Coming November

Tears fall down my cheeks as I look at the border infront of me. I could not seem to prepare myself for more pain. The additional pain that was yet to come. I sniffle. I turn my head behind me as I hear someone walk towards me.

I bite my lip trying to keep it from trembling as I see him. Jacob. My mate. My other half. Someone who didn't want me.

"What do you want." I state in a broken whisper. What more could he do. Was he enjoying this. Enjoying seeing his mate in heartache. What more could he do. What more could he take from me.

"I wanted to come and formally banish you from this pack. To make sure you never come back." I shake my head at his words, his smirk.

Why do I still want someone who is causing me this pain. I want to run my hand through his curly hair. Blonde and curly. The light freckles that grace his cheeks. His cheek bones, how I would love to give him a sweet kiss. For him to put his arms around me and tell me this is some sick joke.

Why am I not enough. Why am I not worth having.

"You're breaking my heart Jacob," I beg as I look into his beautiful eyes. Something so beautiful, yet so poisonous.

He laughs, very sarcastically. "I never accepted your heart," he spits out. "I never wanted it, and I never will. Ever."

"Why won't you love me." I ask desperately after a moment. "I love you," I state, "I'll forgive you, we can start over." I try to reason with him, but he laughs harder.

"You are worthless." He shakes his head as he looks at me. His eyes look at me in disgust as I resist flinching from his gaze.

My lips tremble at his words. "No, please I want to be worthy, I want to be worth something." I plead making him chuckle again as he looks at me like I'm pathetic.

He takes a step to me, slow steps until he is close to me, one more inch and our body's would be touching.

I suck in a breath, he takes my breath away. "Please Jacob I'll train harder, I'll do anything."

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