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Glitch [Bnha x M!Reader] by penumbrae
Glitch [Bnha x M!Reader]by ams
When I was born, I glitched out of existence, I was stuck in my own dimension. A dimension that I ruled, controlled. My physical body was laying in a hospital, in a coma...
Human Male Oc X Murder Drones | Frozen Tomb by ShaggyhoboJoe
Human Male Oc X Murder Drones |
The story begins by a lone wanderer by the name of Y/N L/N getting hired to JCJenson. Y/N former work for Robco (fallout universe) and now heading towards copper-9 to as...
Creepypasta boyfriend scenarios by KreepyKitten2000
Creepypasta boyfriend scenariosby KreepyKitten
This is a creepypasta boyfriend scenarios book. Accepting new characters and chapter ideas. When suggesting new characters, please give me a bio on the person. Name...
Hide & Seek ( security breach X animatronic oc by lobitaftonfox
Hide & Seek ( security breach X WeaponX writes
when people started questioning what happened to Bonnie and Foxy. the pizzaplex manager knew he couldn't just tell them they didn't have the blueprints to make a new mod...
Kinda Glitchy [Katsuki Bakugo x reader] (discontinued) by phroggei
Kinda Glitchy [Katsuki Bakugo x soggy cheese
"EAT A DICK GLITCY BITCH" "ok, hand it over" "WDJDHSBFJ- GO DIE" "k" Katsuki Bakugo meets a girl who is the ultimate meme lord, w...
Sonic x Murder Drones by FireyAngelBoi
Sonic x Murder Dronesby FireyAngelBoi
So I just thought of this cool story thing since I been binging murder drones a bit. If this does well I'll make more. ...
Glitch | Jjk ff by MysterySender
Glitch | Jjk ffby rosie is inactive
She has a virtual boyfriend and she calls him Glitch. "I was just bored when I started it but I ended up falling inlove with the guy inside my screen." 010120 ...
Into The Spider-Verse X Male Reader by Baryan_KuramaSeal
Into The Spider-Verse X Male Readerby The Hooded Knight
Meet Y/n Watson Parker. He comes from a universe where his parents, Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, and Mary Jane, a renowned model settled down and had family. A...
Murder Drones (n x reader) by zcassibee
Murder Drones (n x reader)by zcassibee
Y/N can't remember anything from before being a disassembly drone, all they knew is they used to be a worker drone. Now, they work with a team consisting of Serial Desig...
Taylor Swift Midnights Era Imagines (gxg) by gayforddlovato
Taylor Swift Midnights Era Kaylee♡
highly requested 🖤 Female Reader Imagines with Taylor Swift set during the Midnights era! I'll accept almost any requests you have as long as they revolve around the mi...
Murderous Romance by YourCatAgreeds
Murderous Romanceby Your Cat
This is a Fanfic about Murder Drones, with the most popular ship N x Uzi (or Nuzi for people who are like, intimate? idk)
Not Too Shabby (RalphxReader) by Bluegarnet123
Not Too Shabby (RalphxReader)by Blue_Garnet_Mess
*COMPLETED* For decades, Ralph has played as the bad guy in his arcade video game and he's getting tired. But in a bold move, he goes to prove that he's a true hero tha...
Worker!Drone x V by Zamasu1226
Worker!Drone x Vby Zamasu1226
The non-mature story of you and a psycho drone working your romance out. #1 Non-mature Murder Drones story half of the time.
On the other world (Human male OC x Murder Drones) by Furia512
On the other world (Human male Teutoniqe
JcJenson really screw this up - we can't argue with that. Now they try to cover their sins by... selling the planet ? What if one crafty man 'll buy it ? How he'll react...
~Murder drones x reader oneshots/headcannons/scenarios!~ by McFlurryEditsStuff
~Murder drones x reader oneshots/ McFlurryEditsStuff
yep, you read the title, this is a oneshot/headcannon book of murder drones. now, before i write this, i want to get through some small rules (this will also be repeated...
Murder drones Nexus by ConnorTopLad
Murder drones Nexusby ConnorTopLad
This is a story of a [Drone] named Y/N who will be taking on the murder drones alongside their best friend Uzi and a lovable Disassembly drone called N (And maybe Ns cru...
Reincarnated as Underswap Sans and how about Error get kidnapped instead? by SkeleSheena
Reincarnated as Underswap Sans SkeleSheena
what if someone reincarnated as underswap sans and they kidnap error instead of being kidnapped by error? let's find out hehehe... This is no Blue or Blueberry . Cover...
Wanna know me? 💔 Error!Sans by Ichi72
Wanna know me? 💔 Error!Sansby Weak Soul
Características, habilidades, curiosidades y otros datos Canon y HeadCanon de El Destructor de Universos. Aclaraciones: ● Error!Sans le pertenece a Loverofpiggies/Cr...
I'll protect you (Bofuri x Oc) by BoredGuy801
I'll protect you (Bofuri x Oc)by CactusHugger
What happened? Where am I? How did I get here? I have many questions and know only one thing. This girl promised to protect me. "Thank you Maple" *I do not own...