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Rileys pov

I take a sip of the caramel flavored latte as I stare down David across the table. The same lazy smile takes over his features as he leans back in his chair. His blonde hair is pushed back with a red bandanna. He twirls his handle bar mustache with one hand and strums his fingers on the table with the other.

"So you are looking for Nakotah?" He ask lazily and I roll my eyes at his laid back behavior, now was not the time.

"I told you that over the phone didn't I?" I snap, I try and keep my voice lowered to keep wondering ears in the coffee shop, from listening in.

He chuckles lazily as I put my cup down. "Damn Riley I don't remember you being so up tight." He observes and his eyes go to the mark on my neck.

"Mated now are we? I thought you didn't have a mate?" David's eyebrows raise in confusion obstructing the lazy look he normally has.

I swear I'm going to lose my mind if I have to explain this shit to everyone. "I thought so to, guess the spell didn't work, moving on." I urge causing the lazy smile to return to his face.

"Alright Alright, give me three days." I groan at his words.

"I need to know where she is now." I grumble impatiently causing him to laugh.

"Yeah well this is a witch that doesn't want to be found so it takes a little longer." He shrugs, I open my mouth but my burner phone starts to ring interrupting me.

I take it out of my pocket and quickly answer it.

"Riley." I run my index finger over my eyebrow at his voice. These kings be stressful, man.

"Yes Acan?"

"When can you meet with us. It's urgent." I groan at his voice yet sigh.

Maybe whatever job they have for me will make the three day job go by faster. "I'm in Fae kingdom, so two days tops."

"Great, see you then," the line goes dead and I shut the phone putting it back in my pocket.

"So I do this for you and we are even right?" I smile and nod my head at David's words causing him to sigh in relief.

"Great, I'll be in contact soon." He smiles and I put my hand out and we shake hands.

With that I quickly stand and leave the coffee shop.



**two days later**

I drive through Pure Blood kingdom before pulling up to the abandoned warehouse. I park in the back, out of view and get out walking straight to the back door. The sound of the gravel moving under my combat boots is the only sound going through the air.

I open the back door and walk in quickly. I go to the elevator that looks abandoned and click the button beside it.

Soon the elevator doors open showing an elegant elevator. I quickly step in and the doors slide shut behind me as I turn around.

I roll my eyes at the cliche elevator music as it descends down. Thankfully my ears aren't seeming to bleed for long as the doors slide open and I step out. I walk into the open room to the large table surrounded by the kings and head of council men or second in commands.

"Good evening," a council man states as he goes to shake my hand.

"Don't touch me," I bark out as I walk past him to the table. My actions cause some of the older council men to snicker at the newbies mistake.

I get to the table and look around the kings. All emotionless expressions.

"We going to talk or stare all day?" I snap again causing them to clear their throats, which I roll my eyes at.

"Riley, we need your help." Acan starts.

"What's new?" I say in a clipped tone while tilting my head slightly causing him to clench his jaw and the all to familiar vein to pop out on his neck as usual when I tick his taters.

"Riley, Navi is starting a war, she wants us all to agree to this stupid law." Ajax starts as he crosses his arms.

"And she wants to be supreme ruler!" Faren adds frantically which I raise an eyebrow to. Lord they sound like they are tattling on a sibling or something.

But Supreme ruler? Guess I should have seen that coming.

"I am working on fixing the problem." I state vaguely causing the men to shake their heads or sigh.

"No, you must kill her." Ajax says leaving no room for question.

Though my ass will definitely make room.

"Absolutely not." I say also leaving no room for question.

Acan shakes his head at me as Faren's eyes widen at my statement, Louis rubs his temples. Louis had an issue with women that didn't obey.

"Riley we know you have a soft spot for her but you have no choic-"

"Urk, let me stop you right there. I do have a choice, I have a plan." I say tilting my head and putting a hand on my hip.

"What is your plan ole wise one." Louis mocks and I itch to take my throwing knife and hit him right between the eyes.

"I'm looking for Nakotah, she is going to make me a potion that makes Navi forget ever being Bains mate," I explain harshly as I look pointedly at Louis. "It will also erase her memories of being tortured."

"Nakotah has not been seen for years, Riley be reasonable." Faren explains desperately, his eyes pleading me and I wonder how someone like him is a king.

"Not killing her." I deadpan at the fairy.

"Damn it, We must kill her! We must!" I glare at Faren, almost baring my teeth at him.

"We will not kill her." I state each word firmly and harshly. "We will capture her and get her the help she needs."

"She has killed so many people though!" I glare at his words before pointing at myself.

"I'm a fucking assassin bitch, I get paid to kill people, but I don't see you crying out I need to die." This makes Faren blink in surprise at me as if he forgot who he is talking to.

"We have all killed people, all of us, rather self defense or not. We are not killing Navi." I cross my arms and look at the group around me waiting for someone to dare argue with me. Of course the fucking bitch that probably shits glitter speaks again.

"But Navi she is a monster, she has lost her mate, and her mind." With out hesitation I reach into my makeshift pocket and take a dagger and throw it at Faren , it goes straight by his head cutting some of his hair.

"Call her a monster again and I won't miss," I threaten harshly. "She is broken, shattered, maybe she has lost her mind but she is not a monster."

"You just- you just threw a knife at a kings head." I glare at the newbie council man, looking at me in shock and slight anger.

"Die mad about it."

I then look back to the kings making sure to look each one of them in the eyes. "I will take down every one of you in here if you so even glare at Navi, and you all know I can." I threaten knowingly, they made sure to keep me on their side for a reason, I am a powerful taker, I could take all of their abilities and make them all mere human, aside from the one already human, and kill them with ease.

They all look at me, no one dares to argue against me, I had them all by the balls and they knew it.


Riley pov 😁 I love my little cute sweet assassin dont you guys?

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The Making of Glitch: the reason I put Navi through two kidnappings is because going through the same shit over and over again back to back would probably break you faster than new shitty things. It gives you that repetitive, constantly, stuck feeling.

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