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Navi's pov

I smile at King Acan as he meets me off of the jet.

"Ah Queen Navi, how are you?" He takes my hand and gently kisses my hand.

"I'm great and you King Acan?" I ask with a smile as I walk beside him to the black SUV.

"I'm great as well." He states as he helps me in the SUV, getting in beside me.

"How is London and your parents?" I ask as the driver drives us to the castle. I take in the beautiful scenery of the Pure Blood kingdom.

"Fine, they are out in another Kingdom visiting a friend." Acan smiles at my mention of his grandfather and parents.

"So I was wanting to take one of your prisoners home with me. The crime was against me. So I feel it is only right I take them into custody." I state getting down to business and watch Acan's face looking for any hint of suspicion.

His eyes widen slightly in surprise before nodding his head. "Of course you can. Who is it you are wanting to take?"

"Jacy." I keep my tone and expression neutral, "I feel it is only right that I take her and punish her, I feel it will make me feel better. "

Acan nods in understanding "Ah yes I can imagine. I've been there." Acan gives me a sympathetic look as we pull into the castle.

"Well my driver will take you to the cells and two guards will help you escort her to your jet." Acan states as he grabs opens the door.

"Take care Navi, I would go with you but I have some duties to take care of." Acan states sending me a smile.

I return the smile with one of my own. " No problem, next time I hope to get lunch, this was far to short of a visit." I smile kindly making Acan blush slightly, I resist the urge to smirk.

Acan bids me a farewell before shutting the door and walking to the castle. Meanwhile the man driving, backs up and drives towards the cells.

We pull up and a guard immediately goes to my door and opens the door helping me out. They bow their heads to me and lead me inside the cells.

We walk through the hall, sounds of agony bounces off the wall. I smirk at the sounds, letting them feed the darkness with in.

We go down some stairs to a sound proof room, they let me in.

"I'm fine alone, I want to speak to her first." I explain keeping my voice monotone. They nod as I walk in the room, the door shuts with a loud slam behind me.

A wide eyed Jacy looks at me. She is in a chair with a straight jacket on, her mouth is stitched shut.

"Hello Jacy." I state with a smile.

Her eyes narrow before he head tilts and realization enters her eyes.

A muffled laugh escapes her. Delight takes over her features.

"I would like your help Jacy, see I'm planning something, something a lot of people will find wrong at first." I explain. "I need your help so that people will see my way."

"But you can't use your powers on me, or else I will take them away and cut out your tongue." I glare at her to make sure she knows I'm serious.

A muffled laugh escapes her again as she nods her head.

"Now, we are going to go to a meeting with the kingdoms, my plan is to make all the kingdoms hire fairies and witches to scan every babies energy at birth. If they have more than 10% of corrupt energy, they will be killed." I explain, causing Jacy to bounce her leg in excitement.

"Now to get you out, I can't undo your lips until we get in the jet, so until then act like you hate me on the way out okay?" I ask as I put my hands together.

Jacy bows her head at me and a delightful smile lights up on my face.

I turn and knock on the door signaling the men to open it.

"Take her to my jet, I need to leave at once." I order the guard causing them to bow at me.

I look to Jacy who whines and let fake tears stream down her cheeks causing a smirk to fill my face.

I quickly walk out and back outside and into the SUV.

"Please get me to my jet quickly, my sister misses me, I'm sure." I state gently as I put my hand on the driver's arm a light smile taking my face.

He nods and steps on it racing to the jet.


The guards place Jacy in a seat, her straight jacket still on and mouth still stitched closed.

I nod at them and they simply bow their heads. They then exit the jet and I wait patiently for us to take off.

I grab a dagger and walk to Jacy, I with ease cut the wires from her mouth and help her out of the straight jacket.

"There you go." I say as I sit in the chair across from her.

She stretches a slight moan leaving her lips. Before looking at me as a smirk takes over her lips.

"Well hello Navi." Jacy states. "You know I was thinking, Navi is such a weak name, we need something more powerful. What's your full name?" Jacy leans back in her chair lazily as she looks at me. Mischief dancing in her eyes.

"My first name is Desdemona." I state tilting my head.

"Perfect! Much more powerful than Navi. Desdemona is demanding of respect! Desdemona it is." Jacy states as her leg bounces in excitement.

"So what all has happened? I heard about the king, honestly the death was, anti-climactic, if you ask me." Jacy shrugs her shoulders and adds a yawn for effect.

"I figured he would have died in a huge war, not in his sleep."

Pain tugs at my heart, I want to tell her how I imagined him dying from old age. How I imagined getting to see our grandchildren. Yet I didn't even get the chance to start trying for our own children.

I dream of seeing him grow old. I dream of seeing wrinkles form from laughing through the years, how we would stress kingdom stuff together. The fights we never got to have.

Stupid fights over tripping over his big boots that never make it to their place. Or where do I want to eat that night.

I wanted to tell him I wanted to name our son Carson, if we had a daughter maybe Sofia. I wanted to argue over how he always uses all the hot water before I can get in the shower.

I wanted to argue about how long it takes me to get ready.

I wanted to argue over every stupid thing imaginable. Goddess, you never know just how good arguing seems until you no longer have someone to argue with.

Something like grief tries to whisper in my ear but quickly I bury her down.

I swallow the thoughts. I take the feelings of remorse, grief and I put them in a box and lock it. I throw the key away.

Instead of saying what I want.

"Me too," escapes my lips.


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The making of Glitch: Bain was to represent Navi's happiness, which is why he was not in the story line as much. He was to represent how out of reach her happiness was.

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