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Desdemona (navi) pov.

"Before we go back to the castle I have some business I need to tend to, I want you to come with me." I state looking at Jacy as we walk off the jet.

"Of course my queen." Jacy follows me as we go to a car with two guards waiting.

They bow and open the door for me. I get in with Jacy getting in after me.

"I am loving this treatment of royalty." Jacy leans back casually.

I smirk at her words. "You stay loyal to me and you'll get this treatment all the time."

"Of course my queen."

Soon enough we pull up at Hannah's parents house. I quickly get out and Jacy follows behind me.

I knock on the door and wait a moment before a boy around the age of 13 answers the door.

He looks like a younger Male version of Hannah.

His eyes widen as he quickly bows his head. "He-hello my Queen." He then backs up. "Come in." I walk in as I look around.

Pictures of Hannah and her family are hung on the walls. The decor is simple. A brown couch faces a large flat screen tv that sits on an entertainment center.

"Are your parents here?" I ask the boy. He nods as he quickly looks towards a door on the other side of the living room.

"Mom! Dad! The Queen is here!" The words leave his mouth and I smirk at the nervousness that plays with his words.

Soon an older version of Hannah steps out followed by a man that has some similarity to Hannah.

The woman smiles at me, it's a sad smile but it is tied with welcoming.

"Hello Queen Navi how are you?" She bows her head at me, as does the man.

"I'm not here for pleasantries." I state getting to the point. "You are all being charged with accessory to murder of the king and his family. " my words cause their eyes to widen.

"But-but your highness-"

"Silence!" I glare at the man who dare to speak against me.

I look to Jacy. "Make sure they can't move."

Jacy turns to them. "You three sit on the couch and don't move no matter what, please dear." With out hesitation the family sits.

I nod "Now if you'll excuse me I must be on my way." I turn and motion Jacy to follow, with out hesitation Jacy does.

I walk out of the house and Jacy closes the door. I look at the two guards and motion to the house. "Burn it to the ground, if their are any survivors kill them."

The guards eyes widen as hesitation fills their features.

I glare at them "Do not make me ask again or you will be joining them."

With a hesitant nod the men get to work on burning the house down.

I get in the car followed by Jacy as screams fill the air like music to my ears. The smell of burning wood fills my senses making me wish to make a candle of this very scent.

People from other houses look out their windows seeing what is going on as the screams grow louder.

"Drive," I command the driver and off we go to the castle.


Annie's pov ( this is after the meeting )

"Riley?" I knock on her door and hear a grumble of come in.

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