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Annie pov

After taking a shower, attempting to wash away my embarrassment, I quickly throw on comfortable clothing and step out of my room and towards my office.

I pass a couple maids that are cleaning and getting everything ready for tonight before finally getting to the office door. I take my key out and quickly unlock it and walk in, closing the door behind me. I sigh as I walk to the desk and sit down opening my laptop.

I clench my jaw as I spot the sticky note on the keyboard.

Annie, if you could send an email to all kingdoms. We are holding a meeting next week to discuss the witch and fairy situation.
Much love,

I glare at my sisters first name. The feeling of wanting to go find Jacy and kill her instantly rises up. I breath out the feelings as I pull up my email account and start writing an email to the kingdoms kings and council.

I contemplate not even sending it, but I know if my sister finds out I didn't she would know I'm against it all. I can't risk that.


A little after lunch we finally settle on what day and time we can meet. In eight days the kingdoms kings and queens and their council will attend the meeting here at eight in the morning.

I look at the clock and scrunch my nose at eye time. 1:35.

Suddenly a knock sounds at the door. I stand and make my way to the door. I unlock it, my eyebrows raise at the beautiful blonde infront of me. She sends me a charming smile showing her pearly white, perfect teeth. Her lips are pink and plump and have a perfect cupid's bow shape.

I find envy in my heart as I feel myself start to compare myself to her, her blonde hair is straight with slight curls at the bottom. She has barely any make up on. There aren't any blemishes on her face. Her nose is small and straight, slightly pointed. Her eyelashes are extremely long and surround her grey blue eyes perfectly. Her eyebrows are light brown and arched perfectly. She is petite but has curves and I immediately want to trade bodies with her.

"Hi!" Her voice is silky and light, my eyes widen at the clear blue wings on her back. A fairy.

That explains the beautiful and flawless features.

"Hi." I smile awkwardly not sure who this person is.

"Are you Annie?" She ask as her eyes run over my body. My eyebrows raise as I notice her slow down at my curves and I bite my lip wishing to be skinnier.

I nod my head, "Yeah," I confirm shyly causing the fairy to giggle. She puts her hand out for me to shake.

"I'm Evangeline, but everyone calls me Eve." I take her hand and shake it.

Envy roars at my heart as I wish for her to hurry up and tell me what she needs so my insecurities could leave with her. Though I know after she leaves I'll force myself to skip a meal, or two.

"I'm a friend of Fray! he sent me, saying how head of council needs a personal stylist, so here I am!" She giggles excitedly as she motions to herself.

Really Fray? You send me someone ten times more beautiful than me to dress me. What the hell.

"Come on! I already have your outfit picked, so let's get started on your hair and make up." Eve grabs my hand.

I clench my teeth as she drags me down the hall, her wings fluttering every now and then.

We walk into a room and my eyes widen at the sewing stuff and fabric.

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